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Dixie Chicks' MMXVI Tour Coming to Theaters on August 7

by VVN Music

The Dixie Chicks, the biggest selling female band of all-time, made huge comeback in 2016 with their MMXVI Tour, their first full scale trek in a decade.

The trio were coming off a string of three straight major hit records when a comment made by Natalie Maines during a concert about than president George Bush created a controversy that would reverberate through the world of music.  The Chicks made one more album, Taking the Long Way with the defiant Not Ready to Make Nice, before going on a lengthy hiatus for each of the members to raise their families and branch out into other projects.  Maines recorded a solo album while sisters Emily Robinson and Martie Maguire formed the Court Yard Hounds.

Still, throughout the hiatus, the three women would occasionally get together for special projects including a number of dates opening for the Eagles.  Finally, on June 16, 2015, they announced their first major tour since their "Accidents & Accusations Tour" in 2006.

MMXVI took them around the world and the concert film from that trek will be shown for one night only on Monday, August 7 at 7 PM local time in theaters around the country. Theater goers will also see a special acoustic set that includes the trio's cover of Beyonce's Daddy Lessons.

Presented by Fathom Entertainment, their CEO, John Rubey, said "This promises to be a fantastic concert event from one of the world’s most popular groups. DCX MMXVI was the first time in 10 years that the Dixie Chicks have had a headline tour in the US and it sold out at numerous venues. We are thrilled that we are able to offer this in cinema concert to the die-hard fans and those who weren’t able to see them on tour."

While it's not known if the film will include the whole show, the following is a typical set list from the tour:

Main Set
  • The Long Way Around (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Lubbock or Leave It (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Truth #2 (from Home, 2002)
  • Easy Silence (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Favorite Year (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • I Like It (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Long Time Gone (from Home, 2002)
  • Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)
  • Top of the World (from Home, 2002)
  • Goodbye Earl (from Fly, 1999)
  • Video Interlude: Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
  • Travelin' Soldier (from Home, 2002)
  • Don't Let Me Die in Florida (Patty Griffin cover)
  • Daddy Lessons (BeyoncĂ© cover)
  • White Trash Wedding (from Home, 2002)
  • Instrumental Bluegrass
  • Ready to Run (from Fly, 1999)
  • Mississippi (Bob Dylan cover)
  • Landslide (from Home, 2002)
  • Silent House (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Cowboy Take Me Away (from Fly, 1999)
  • Wide Open Spaces (from Wide Open Spaces, 1998)
  • Sin Wagon (from Fly, 1999)
  • Not Ready to Make Nice (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Better Way (Ben Harper cover)
To find theaters, go to Fathom's website.