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Boy George to Sign First Recording Contract in 22 Years With BMG

by VVN Music

At 56 years old, Boy George never thought that he would be putting his name on the dotted line for a new recording contract.

George hasn't signed a contract like this since 1995 so the fact that BMG made an offer is just amazing to him.  He told the U.K.'s This Morning on Monday "I'm about to sign with BMG which is the most bonkers thing. I never thought I'd sign a deal again, I haven't had one since 1995. When this was presented to me I thought it's bonkers I have to do it."

His last deal was with Virgin Records which produced two albums, Cheapness and Beauty (1995) and U Can Never B2 Straight (2002) although he did have a few other independent releases between those two major label sets.

George's last album, This is What I Do (2013) was released on the independent Very Me Records through Kobalt.

What his first release for BMG will contain is still unknown. He had previously said that he was working on both new solo music and new recordings for Culture Club.


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