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Watch: Iggy Pop and Nick Cave's Video For PETA

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Nick Cave and Iggy Pop have collaborated on a video for PETA. The message is “be the person your dog thinks you are”.

The video features an animated Iggy Pop with a soundtrack of Nick Cave’s Breathless with Iggy actually appearing at the end of the video.

“Nick Cave and Iggy Pop have left PETA breathless with this sweet video,” says PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. “If everyone acted like the people our dogs think we are and depend on us to be, the world would be a far kinder place.”


Anonymous said…
So cool, love it. Iggy is a star and Nick is an angel. Thank you to both, and to PETA, for making this great video.
Anonymous said…
Such a sweet video. Nick Cave and Iggy Pop are both heroes for speaking up for animals.
Anonymous said…
This is rad! Good on PETA, Nick and Iggy for putting this out. Animals are sentient beings and deserve our compassion and respect.
Unknown said…
So cool. Iggy and Nick Cave already rocked, but this turns it up to 11.
Heather said…
Love it! And them for speaking out against animal abusers!