Watch: Brian May's 18-Minute Unboxing Video For Queen Monopoly

by VVN Music

Does the world really need another version of Monopoly?

So far, there have been hundreds of different version of the game that was originally invented in 1903 saluting everything from cities to sports teams to television programs and movies. On June 23, there will be one more edition, this one about the band Queen.

Brian May has posted an eighteen minute video of his unboxing of the new game that is a combination of high quality video mixed with lower quality from a Go-Pro hanging around Brian's neck.

The edition is based around the live Queen experience with properties representing different major venues where the band performed. There are no houses and hotels. Instead, you build staging blocks that upgrade to full productions.

Then there are the player tokens. Gone are dogs, hats and thimbles, replaced by a guitar, a News of the World robot, a hammer, a lady on a bike from Fat Bottomed Girls, a vacuum and the radio from Radio Gaga.

So, here is Brian May unboxing and playing the brand new Queen Monopoly.

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