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Watch: Boy George Slows "YMCA" to a Ballad With Amazing Results

by VVN Music

The song YMCA is a novelty, a crowd pleaser and a great piece of nostalgia, but nobody ever said it was a great ballad until now.

Boy George has covered the song for a campaign by the YMCA Australia to raise awareness of "issues young people are facing today" and brings in a chorus of teens to sing along on the piece.

The campaign, called "Why Not?", addresses subjects as diverse as same sex marriage and lack of jobs for youth.

It’s 2017 and some Australians still can’t marry the person they love…Why Not?

When there are no jobs for a career you’ve spend years studying for…Why Not?

No one is screaming that one in four young Australians has a mental health condition…Why Not?

Boy George told the Guardian Australia that he didn't want to simply remake the song. He wanted to reimagine it. “I thought I would give it a give a jazzy tone – but not too much Ethel Merman.”