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Shock G of Digital Underground Arrested in Wisconsin For Drug Paraphanalia

Courtesy Baron County Jail
by VVN Music

Veteran rapper Shock G of the group Digital Underground was arrested on June 13 during a traffic stop in Rice Lake, WI.

Police said they arrested Gregory Jacobs, 53, at 2 AM on June 13 after pulling him over for driving car that was registered to an unlicensed driver. A search of the vehicle ensued where drug paraphernalia was found although specific details have not been released.

Jacobs was taken to the Baron County Jail where he was released two hour later after posting $100 bail.

Shock G had played the Aquafest two days earlier as a special guest of Naughty By Nature.

Digital Underground was formed in 1987 by Shock G, Jimi "Chopmaster J" Dright and Kenneth "Kenny-K" Waters. Their 1990 debut, Sex Packets, reached number 8 on the R&B Albums chart and produced their biggest hit, The Humpty Dance (1990 / #11 Pop / #7 R&B / #20 Dance). Overall, the band recorded six studio albums with the last coming in 2008.

Shock G also had a number of other alter egos including Rackadelic (artist and art director), Piano Man (keyboards and music production) and another recording entity, Humpty Hump. As a producer, he worked with 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Bobby Brown, Mystic, Shay, Prince and many others.