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Shania Twain Announces First New Album in Fifteen Years

by VVN Music

Between 1993 and 2002, there was no female vocalist whose career was hotter than Shania Twain.

Over nine years, Twain released four albums which, in total, have sold over 48 million copies. She is tied with the Eagles for fourth place for the most diamond (10 million-plus sales) certified albums in RIAA history behind Garth Brooks, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
  • Come On Over (1997) - Diamond - 20+ million sales
  • The Woman in Me (1995) - Diamond - 12+ million sales
  • Up! (2002) - Diamond - 11+ million sales
  • Greatest Hits (2004) - Four-Times Platinum - 4+ million sales
  • Shania Twain (1993) - Platinum - 1+ million sales
Then, as fast as she hit the scene, she was gone. While she occasionally surfaced over the next decade with a single or a reality show, much of her time was occupied with her divorce from Robert "Mutt" Lange and problems with her singing voice. 

In 2012, she returned to performing with a two year residency at Caesar's Palace and, in 2015, embarked on a tour. 

Her comeback will be complete on September 29 when Shania will release her fifth album, Now, via Mercury Nashville.  The cover, above, is out and the first single, Life's About to Get Good, is out, but there is no finalized track list yet available. 

The big question is, what reception will a new Shania Twain album receive after being away for so long. Her Las Vegas residency and tour were very well attended and the new single hit the top of the Billboard/Twitter Trending chart within hours of release but the market for full albums is so different today from 2002 when Up! was released. Is there still a market for long playing Twain and is it even conceivable that she will be able to reach previous heights, something that only artists like Adele and Taylor Swift can do today.

The holiday buying season will tell the tale.