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Report: Lil Kim Being Looked at For Weekend Robbery

by VVN Music

Rapper Lil Kim is being looked at by the Los Angeles police department in a robbery that took place on Sunday morning.

According to TMZ, Kim had rented a house in L.A. to hold a party for those in town for the BET Awards. Early Sunday, she and some associates checked out the property for the first time and, when they didn't like it, demanded their money back.

Police were called over the money but told the parties involved that this was a civil matter in which they couldn't become involved.

About two hours later, the report says that a group of people showed up with ski masks and weapons taking back the deposit check and other cash totaling about $20,000 along with slashing tires and taking other property of the people from the land management company.

The LAPD are now in full investigation mode.

Lil Kim is scheduled to salute the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep along with Prodigy's duo partner Havoc.