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Prince Executors to Sue Producers of Unauthorized Stage Show

by Newsdesk

Executors for Prince's estate are planning a legal assault on the producers of an unauthorized Purple Rain musical, featuring the late singer's songs.

Director Gary Lloyd, the man behind Michael Jackson's Thriller - Live spectacular, recently announced the new musical will feature a 26-strong group of musicians, singers and dancers who will bring the late funk star's music to life onstage in the U.K. next year but executors for the Prince estate insist they haven't authorized the show - and they want it pulled.

"Neither Prince's family nor the estate have given permission to use his name, likeness, or music catalogue for this event," a statement from entertainment adviser to the estate, Troy Carter, reads. "This is a blatant attempt to deceive fans into thinking they're seeing a Purple Rain musical on the West End, when it's only a cover band playing Prince's songs.

"We're currently weighing our legal options and look forward to bringing the real Purple Rain to the stage in the near future."

Producer Claire-Bridget Kenwright has since responded to the estate's claims, explaining they are not trying to "deceive fans".

"We have long been fans of Prince and his music and are excited to be able to bring it to audiences throughout the UK in 2018," she says."There is no intention to deceive fans. The production will be a live music and dance celebration of an iconic artist's work."

When Lloyd announced the show last week, he said it was a "dream" to bring the production to the stage, adding, "Prince's music and constant reinvention is legendary, so to get the opportunity to bring that and all his colourful characters to the theatrical stage is a dream. Prince was all about this. Prince was a consummate, theatrical artist, but in our show his music is the star. There will be so much for audiences to enjoy whether they're fans of musical theatre, Prince, or both."

The musical is still set to begin its U.K. tour in Bromley, England in February 2018.