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Charlie Benante of Anthrax Now Has His Own Coffee Blend

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

You know you are getting old when you favorite metal bands start lending their name to coffee beans.

Introducing the Benante Blend from Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee Co. Its named after Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante.

Benante is an early member of Anthrax. He was there at the start of the band, joining in 1983 just before the recording of the debut album Fistful of Metal (1984) and has played on every Anthrax album.

Coffee, it appears, is his secret love and Charlie now wants to share the love. He spent about ten months at Dark Matter’s “cupping lab” tasting varieties of coffee, comparing the blends, the flavors and the roasts. That’s longer than it takes to make an Anthrax album.

“I’d been hearing about Dark Matter for awhile,” said Benante. “They’re based in Chicago where I live, so I tried some of their coffee and thought it was great. We hooked up, I went down to their headquarters and spent a day there just talking coffee, doing some tasting and I have to say, I felt like I was part of this coffee family. Everyone there really enjoys the art of coffee, as do I, so this was something I was really interested in being a part of. We worked together to come up with what I feel is a perfect cup of coffee, and I’m happy to say that my Benante’s Blend is under the umbrella of the Dark Matter coffee family.”

Benante has two blends. ‘Be All End All’, a dark roast and ‘Forever Metal’, a milder coffee. Charlie is already working on a sequel, ummm follow-up ummm, more blends.

“One of the most exciting things about working with Dark Matter,” Benante added, “is that they’re not just going to put out my two Benante’s Blend coffee line. We’re already talking about our next project, another coffee idea that will blow people away, and we’re all really excited about that.”