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Anthony Phillips to Release 3-Disc Deluxe Version of "Slow Dance"

by VVN Music

Anthony Phillips, the original guitarist for Genesis, has just released a newly expanded 3-CD version of his 1990 instrumental album, Slow Dance, on Esoteric Recordings.  Available now in the U.K., the album will be shipping to U.S. customers on July 7 via Amazon.

Phillips was a member of Genesis for their first two albums, From Genesis to Revelation (1969) and Trespass (1970) before leaving the band due to health problems and developing stage freight. He went on to study classical guitar and, since 1977, has released over thirty albums.

The original version of Slow Dance was a single piece divided into two halves as if to fit on two vinyl LP sides.

The new version, with two CDs and one DVD, features a newly re-mastered original stereo mix and a 5.1 Surround sound mix by Simon Heyworth (on an NSTC / Region Free DVD), along with a CD of previously unreleased Slow Dance Vignettes. It also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet that fully restores the original album artwork and features a new essay by Jon Dann.

Phillips said "Slow Dance was an important album to me because it represented the first time that I was able to do a full-scale album after all the miniatures of the, for me, thrifty 80s! I had stockpiled a number of ideas during those years and finally, due to the promise of an advance from my then record company, Passport, I was able to realize these on the big canvas, as it were. Alongside those ideas, I wrote a lot of new material, helped by the new gear, most which feature on Side 2. I was kindly advanced the money by my management Hit & Run and then….Passport went bust….?!!!

“Album all written but not recorded…! What to do …?! Hit & Run were terrific, didn't pressurize me and I was able to complete the album, secure a publishing deal with Virgin - which led to my cataloge being realized on CD - so the gamble paid off…Phew !!! But it was veritably a labor of love. Seven months very hard work. No road map for that album. Did it make sense …? One long continuous piece, broken up into two sides…?

“I really wasn't sure and having finished it, found listening to it unbearable! Yet years on it has its admirers (one who even says he has not been moved thus by an album since…). So I must have got something right - and in the re-release we have tried to really make the re-purchase worthwhile with the improved sound of the main album, the extras CD and the 5.1. I hope the public agree!”

The track list:

Disc 1 (Slow Dance: Original Stereo Mix Re-mastered)
  • Slow Dance (Part One)
  • Slow Dance (Part Two)
Disc 2 (Slow Dance Vignettes)
  • Themes from Slow Dance
  • No Way Out (alternate mix)
  • A Slower Dance
  • Guitar Adagio from Slow Dance
  • Touch Me Deeply (demo)
  • Clarinet Sleigh Ride
  • Slow Dance Single Demo (alternate mix)
  • No Way Out (original mix with drums)
  • Lenta Chorum
Disc 3 (DVD - 5.1 surround sound mix & 96 Khz / 24-bit Original Stereo Mix)
  • Slow Dance (Part One)
  • Slow Dance (Part Two)