Watch: Brian Johnson Returns to the Stage With Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers

Source: Paul Rodgers Facebook
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Paul Rodgers played his Free Spirit UK Tour show on Sunday night at the New Theatre in Oxford, England.

The set for this tour (see below) is made up entirely of songs from the Free catalog; however, Rodgers had a surprise up his sleeve as the first song of his encore. Bringing out Robert Plant and former AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson, he launched into a blistering take on Barrett Strong's Money (That's What I Want).

For Johnson, it was a return to the stage after the March 2016 announcement that doctor's had advised him to quit performing immediately or risk total hearing loss. He has since been working with Asius Technologies on a new technology that will improve his hearing and allow him to return to performing.

Here is fan shot video of the performance.

The set list for Rodgers' show:

Main Set
  • Little Bit of Love (from Free's Free at Last, 1972)
  • Ride a Pony (from Free's Highway, 1970)
  • Songs of Yesterday (from Free's Free, 1969)
  • Be My Friend (from Free's Highway, 1970)
  • Soon I Will Be Gone (from Free's Highway, 1970)
  • My Brother Jake (single from Free, 1971)
  • Love You So (from Free's Highway, 1970)
  • New Song
  • Travellin' in Style (from Free's Heartbreaker, 1973)
  • I'm a Mover (from Free's Tons of Sobs, 1969)
  • Come Together in the Morning (from Free's Heartbreaker, 1973)
  • Mr. Big (from Free's Fire and Water, 1970)
  • Fire and Water (from Free's Fire and Water, 1970)
  • The Hunter (from Free's Tons of Sobs, 1969)
Encore 1
  • Money (That's What I Want) (with Brian Johnson and Robert Plant)
  • All Right Now (from Free's Fire and Water, 1970)
Encore 2
  • Wishing Well (from Free's Heartbreaker, 1973)

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