Veteran Artists Have Five of the Six Top Selling Albums in the U.S.

by VVN Music

What a week for the veteran artists of music.

The spring, so far, has been very quiet for the recording artists who have been recording for twenty years or more but, for the sales week that just ended, it all turns around.

Gorillaz easily have the biggest selling set of the week, according to projections from Hits Daily Double, selling 108,000 copies of their album Humanz.

Mary J. Blige is second on the list with Strength of a Woman on sales of 69,500 followed by the one modern artist, Kendrick Lamar whose DAMN. saw only a 30% drop to 55,000.

The 70's music based Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 2 actually rose 7% with sales of 37,000 on the strength of the release of the physical version of the album. With the movie premiering this weekend, look for the soundtrack to see an even bigger gain next week.

Fifth of the six albums is Willie Nelson's God's Problem Child with sales of 32,000 followed by John Mellencamp's Sad Clowns & Hillbillies with 31,000.

When streaming is added in, which is the basis of the Billboard 200, many of the albums make big drops as older artists tend not to accumulate a lot of stream credits. Kendrick Lamar's album jumps from 55,000 to an adjusted 179,500 representing over 185 million streams of songs from the album.

Gorillaz actually picked up quite a few units, going from 108,000 to 135,000 with around 40 million streams. Mary J. Blige moved from 69,500 to 75,500 to come in a projected third for the week.

Others didn't fare as well, Hits Daily Double's projected Sales + Streaming list has Guardians at 9, Willie Nelson at 11 and Mellencamp at 12.

The only other veteran artists projected for next weeks top fifty is Keith Urban whose Ripcord is at 27.

Final charts will be out on Tuesday.

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