Tributes Pouring In For Gregg Allman

by VVN Music

The tributes for Gregg Allman were hitting social media mere minutes after the announcement of his passing.

This will be a running list that will be updated periodically as new comments are released. New comments can be found at the end of the list.

Charlie Daniels

Just got the word Gregg Allman has passed away. Rest in peace, brother. You were the best Dixie had. You will be missed.

Gregg Allman had a feeling for the blues very few ever have. Hard to believe that magnificent voice is stilled forever.

George Thorogood & the Destoryers

So sad to hear Gregg Allman passed away. The Destroyers and I send our sincerest condolences to his family.

Brian Wilson

So sad to hear about Gregg Allman passing - a great musician. Love & Mercy, Brian

Keith Urban

My heart breaks today at the passing of soul brutha Gregg Allman. Blessings and peace to all the Allman family. - KU


I recently spent time with this beautiful spirit & sang every word at the concert. I sit here stunned that we have lost another legend. Hard to process this loss... #Legend #Hero #RIP

Travis Tritt

I'm so very saddened to hear of the passing of rock & blues legend Gregg Allman. He was such a huge influence on me. ~T

@GreggAllman was one of the most soulful singers I ever heard. This is a devastating loss to music fans all over the planet. RIP ~ T

Richie Furay

Sad news today that Gregg Allman has crossed into eternity ... prayers of comfort go out to his family and friends as well as his fans ...

Bonnie Bramlett

Now What? I'm disappearing! I'll see you in the light little brother! I will never forget to boogie because of you!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Our hearts and prayers are with Gregg's family. To our good friend, you will be missed but never forgotten, there's gonna be a heck of a jam tonight in heaven!

Rest In Peace, Midnight Rider...

Huey Lewis

Gregg Allman... very sad day for rock 'n' roll... a great singer and writer. He could flat out sing. His music will live on! - Huey

Dave Mason

I'm sad to say goodbye to Gregg Allman. I played so many shows with him over the years and am grateful for his contributions to Music. He will be missed.

Doug Gray (Marshall Tucker Band)

"A very sad show day for me. Gregg was a guy that showed me more respect in our business than anyone else. He also taught me how to please an audience with your voice and pour your heart out and never regret. Ride in Peace my friend!"

-Doug Gray

John Popper (Blues Traveler)

Greg Allman has alot to do w/giving myself&my band our career...It was Bill Graham who got the ABB to have us open for them in '89...I can only imagine that conversation...For us it was like school...we learned so much from the entire band&it wasn't too long before them having me up to play "One Way Out" felt like I was walking on the moon the first time...I remember as they warmed to us...(even Dickey was really sweet to us&we were all scared of him),it was always Greg who'd seem was this light around him like Billy Holiday or something...I think it was hard for him to hang as he had handlers to keep him from drinking...But in time he would hang...maybe give his handlers the slip...I've talked about some of his many exploits in my book...&I came to learn that he was mad at me for what I said&took my description of his antics both reasonable or otherwise as slights... This was in my mind another example in the many that comprise my relationship w/him of how little he understood of his impact upon me...the fact that THE Greg Allman even knew my name as a kid(well young man I guess,but I was a kid),was so utterly mind blowing&reality distorting to the phsyce of a 22 year old boy who never ceased being22 in his presence on some level,I doubt he could ever fully grasp...To stand up to him or to take care of him when he needed it required alot of internal face slapping to shake myself out of the awe one feels for one of their genuine just see the man...&I'd wager Greg got that alot...I think it was really almost unreal for people younger than him to actually see him free of the mighty some wild west gunfighter of a breed no longer made...&when different brilliant members would work for him or launch careers thru him...or just say they met him...let alone knew him...the conflict that everyone felt at that interaction was most always an act of least for as long as& however we could see him&know him&yes ultimately love the man...So many friends of mine are feeling this right now&I send them so much love...Among the many things that Greg caused whether he knew it or not was my meeting my wife&therefore our baby...

And as personal&as recently as these peripheral effects upon me...all the while...that voice...shit ever since I was two years he'd been haunted...I wish I coulda told him that...I wish I coulda made him see...his massive effect on people...around him&nowhere near...I guess that voice will haunt me still...I hope he finds peace&I hope his family does... Jacks'r better brother❤️❤️❤️

Michael Sweet (Stryper)

Prayers and thoughts go out to the Gregg Allman family, friends and fans. Heaven has another amazing musician. God Bless you Gregg. Love & Respect alwaysπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

RIP Gregg Allman.
Our old friend from the early days of NGDB.
One of the great voices...

Dennis Tufano (Buckinghams)

Oh no... we lose another :(
R.I.P. Gregg Allman

Dave Meniketti of Y&T

When I was first starting to learn to play guitar in the early 70s, one of my favorite bands to listen to was The Allman Brothers Band. That music has continued to stay with me and though I so very much wished I had the chance to see Duane & Berry live, I have the fond memories of seeing many an Allman Brothers show in the 70s & 80s.

Gregg Allman, to me, has consistently had one of the best voices in the southern blues rock vein. When I hear his voice on the very first ABB album singing "It's Not My Cross to Bear", it still gives me the chills. His music will live on with those who loved his huge contribution to the music scene & decades with that legendary band. Count me as one of those. RIP Gregg Allman.


Lost another legend today, Gregg Allman of the trailblazing Allman Brothers Band has passed away at the age of 69. Rock will never be the same.

Martha Quinn

Friends I need to tell you Gregg Allman has passed away. I imagine this is how he leaves us: Guitar in hand, rock's great Midnight Rider, bound to keep on riding. Rest in Peace legend.

National Blues Museum

This morning the music world lost one of it's great pioneers. Gregg Allman, the dynamic force behind the Allman Brothers Band brought joy to his fans throughout the world and influenced musical artist of multiple genres. His legacy will live on and continue to impact generations of future musicians.

The thoughts and prayers of the board and staff of the National Blues Museum are with our board member, Devon Allman and the entire Allman family. We also continue to dedicate our mission to keep Gregg Allman's story alive.

Leo Sayer

Oh no! We just lost the 'Midnight Rider'. This one really hurts... RIP Gregg Allman.

Oteil Burbridge (Dead & Company)

Our musical family has suffered another huge loss with the passing of Gregg. Again it has all happened so fast. And much too soon.

His songs never got old. You didn't outgrow them, you grew into them more fully. It's a rare occurrence. Every single time I played Cross To Bear it felt better than the first time. He had many other songs that made me feel the same way. The back of my neck would tingle.

Gregg played as many shows as he was physically able to before he left us. It defines him. The road does indeed go on forever. He can travel faster than the speed of light now. I wish you peace and the end of all restlessness Gregg.

Carmine Appice

Wow another rocker gone ! Greg Allman. Who was an old friend. What a talent he was. Pioneer great voice. I loved his voice. Met in early 70s with Allman Bros and Cactus did many gigs. Jammed many times hung out with him . Jammed in nyc at the beacon theater with him. Sad very sad. RIP my old friend. Sympathy goes out to his family and his bandmates. 😭

Billy Ray Cyrus

RIP Gregg Allman. A true legend.

John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

Such difficult news about Gregg Allman. I have put a remembrance piece of music of his on my website SyndicatedNews NET LLCnet It is the first recording of Just Not My Cross To Bear, which I did in his Hollywood living room the week he wrote it, before Allman Brothers Band got under way.

He was a Southern Gentleman who believed in his music and gave it his all. His heart and soul touched all who knew his name, and he loved singing.

Strange days lay ahead that year of 1967, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (NGDB’s) first tour, promoting Buy for me The Rain. In St. Louis my brother Bill (our manager) saw a band called Allman Joy, and convinced them to come to L.A., where he would get them a record deal. Weeks later, Gregg and Duane Allman – and band - moved in to our NGDB ‘Dirt House’ in Beachwood Canyon, to park a few days that lasted six weeks.

45 Years later, my last year in New York, Gregg called me to sit in with the ABB at The Beacon Theatre Their 234th sold-out night, and it was a great show, Gregg again singing better than ever. We finished the night with “Circle.” I ended up on their CD that came out later, and what a shock that was!

Now living in a Florida home I am told young Gregg came to many times, I am so fortunate that in this journey of mine I knew Mr. Gregg Allman, a Southern Gentleman who treated all his bandmates fair and loved singing. Thanks, Gregg, for leaving us with so much of you to keep with us.

John McEuen

Funky Meters

Sending much love and light to Gregg Allman and Allman Brothers Band family, crew, friends and fans...Godspeed Gregg Allman #greggallman #allmanbrothers

Peter Wolf

Ride on "Midnight Rider"

Neville Brothers

Much love and light to the entire Allman Brothers Band Gregg Allman family. Our hearts go out to all of y'all. Godspeed Gregg Allman #greggallman #allmanbrothers

Glenn Hughes

So deeply saddened to hear that brother Gregg Allman has passed.

Friends for 47 years back in Macon Georgia, Gregg wrapped his arms around my band trapeze and gave us so much encouragement and inspiration at the start of my musical journey.

Your soul will live on my brother.

May you RIP ... heaven has a wonderful choir ... sing on and rest in God's Grace πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ’™

Taj Mahal

He fought the good fight,played it the way he heard it and loved every moment he was making music!

He was a great friend to me and we all will miss him!

Bro Greg

The Outlaws

From the band that changed the face of popular music and inspired a generation, we morn the loss of Gregg Allman, a founding member and band's namesake. We send our deepest and most respectful condolences to his family, and loved ones.

Canned Heat

R.I.P. Gregg Allman - A Fantastic Musician and a Really Nice Man,you will be missed by many.

Steve Cropper


There are no words....

Gregg Allman was a friend, a brother.

Gregg attended our Dedication Ceremony at The Smithsonian this year. Never thought it'd be our final meeting! My thoughts are with The Allman Family....

Steve Cropper

Bob Seger

A case can be made, the Allman Brothers established Southern Rock as a musical genre. Gregg was one of my favorite rock singers of all time, he put immense soul into his music. Loved “Low Country Blues” – an amazing album, listen to it over and over. So sad, we’ve lost another music titan.

Steve Winwood

"Gregg was one of the greatest Southern Rock/R&B singers of all time, having a unique blend of Country, Soul and Rock. In fact, he virtually invented the genre. I had been lucky enough to sing with him on a couple of occasions, and aside from being an incredible musician on both guitar and keys, he was a great person, and I feel very blessed to have known and worked with him. Music has lost one of its greats, and he will be remembered for his work for a very long time." - Steve Winwood

Sheryl Crow

Broken heart. Gregg Allman I will miss you.

Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root)

It was an honor to have toured with the Allman Brothers on several occasions!! It was so inspiring to watch Gregg completely embody the music each and every night!!! Such a vast soul.....Much love! Rest In Peace!! Michael

Doobie Brothers

Gregg Allman's death leaves a hole in our hearts... He's been a friend of ours for so many years. We've had the privilege to share the stage with him on numerous occasions and we always considered him part of our 'family.' Our sincere condolences go out to those closest to Gregg. We share your sadness and will share in the celebration of his amazing life and legacy.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be missed.

Dave Schools (Widespread Panic)

Some immediate words on the passing of a legend….

I knew who Gregg Allman was decades before I ever met him. In my experience Gregg was one of the first superstars of Rock and Roll: I first heard about him because he was marrying Cher and I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old when he became front page news because of this union of celebrities.

And I mention Gregg and Cher’s nuptials not to lessen the impact his music and the impact he himself would eventually have on me but to illustrate the fact that Gregg was one of an elite group that included Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and David Bowie: they were actual newsmakers. Newsworthy enough to have left an impression on a young boy from Virginia whose best friend was already that Rock and Roll sound despite being a full 8 or nine years out from buying my first Allman Brothers LP (Fillmore East of course).

Of course I heard Midnight Rider and One Way Out on the local radio but it wasn’t until I received a well loved copy of the Fillmore East live record that my ground was literally shaken. The album was in constant rotation as I played my little beginner’s Hondo P-bass copy and tried to keep up with that fierce locomotive of a rhythm section. And yes, the band sure could hit that note.

But it was Gregg’s voice that really got me. It carried the burden of all human experience: pain, sadness, joy, world weariness and love. It seemed like a mismatch that this pseudo-elfin wisp of a blonde man could put forth such a powerful sound fraught with the weight of the world and do it night after night. I can’t imagine the burden he bore in order to sing with such intent.

And years later, when I wound up meeting Gregg in person I was surprised at how cowed I was despite his naturally disarming personality. To my core I was shaken by being in the presence of his greatness…he was so much more than an elder statesman and fellow musician. His effect on me took some time to get over.

Bits and pieces of the “Gregg effect” lingered in me when I was lucky enough to sit in with ABB. All it took was the first line of Dreams to rattle me off of that repetitive goose egg of a bass line and elicit looks of amusement and “gotcha” from Derek or Butch. And Jaimoe would just laugh and laugh and laugh.

I will recount one of my favorite Gregg moments: I had gone to Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta to see ABB and, as it often happened, Oteil Burbridge sauntered offstage between songs and handed me his bass. So onstage I went to play the tune Rockin’ Horse. We were deep into the jam when Gregg finally looked over my way, saw me, looked back at his keys, then looked back again with shock and surprise on his normally stoic face. An actual double take! For once I got him. Later Gregg told Warren Haynes, “I like the way that big ol’ boy plays the bass.” SCORE! It’s a precious moment I will always treasure it along with so many more too numerous to mention.

So to Gregg: thank you for the music and thank you for teaching me about the blues. More importantly thank you for being a brother. You were always welcoming and sweet to me. You were always thoughtful and soft spoken and carried yourself with an aloofness that only your closest friends knew was an actual shyness (and perhaps a bit of amusement at how ludicrous the hugeness of the whole “rock star thing” really was - but like it or not you were the epitome of a rock star). Thank you for trying to come down to my level even though I will never be able to see you as anything other than a superstar - one of the brightest in my sky. Thank you for guiding me in your own way as a teacher whether you knew it or not. The impact you have had upon my life and the way I work my music is undeniable.

And to those who loved Gregg: my heart is with you. I have no other words that can temper or lessen the pain that you must be feeling today.

In closing I will say that Gregg holds a special place amongst another elite group: Those who have written songs that are guaranteed to make me cry. There are only four in this group and without mentioning the other three I will say that it’s Melissa that starts the waterworks. Every single time I hear this beautiful song the tears just come. I think I’ll go listen to it now

Ronnie Milsap

Gregg Allman, WHAT A SINGER! You'll be greatly missed, Rest in Peace, my Blues Brother.

Neil Portnow (Recording Academy)

As a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman helped give birth to Southern rock, blazing a trail for a generation of musicians who were equally influenced by the blues, Southern soul, and rock. His earthy vocals graced songs that have become rock standards, including "Midnight Rider" and "Whipping Post”, in addition to his own solo records. The band won a GRAMMY® Award in 1995 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for "Jessica," a Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, and their groundbreaking album At Fillmore East was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame® in 1999. We have lost a pioneering force in American music, and our condolences go out to Gregg's family, friends, colleagues, and music fans everywhere.

Neil Portnow
Recording Academy

Peter Frampton

So sad to hear Gregg Allman passed away I admire him so much & had the honour of jamming wth him recently. A gentle soul with so much soul.



never forget....gui

Melissa Etheridge

My southern-rock heart is breaking....#GreggAllman

Ringo Starr

Rest in peace Greg Allman peace and love to all the family 😎✌️πŸŒŸπŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅☮️🌺🌹

David Coverdale

Gregg Allman, Classic Rock Legend Of The Allman Brothers Band, Dead RIP, Gregg...Our Prayers Are With You, Bro...

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

RIP Gregg Allman Reunited after almost 50 years with Duane… These are sad times…sadly all our heroes are hitting this age #CarpeDiem

Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

The sudden passing of Gregg Allman leaves us at a loss yet, at the same time, we stand alongside the millions thankful that Gregg was in our lives. Gregg was, of course, a brilliant and intuitive player with a depth of soul reflected in his works in a truly moving manner. Brother Gregg was generous with his talent, his spirit and, of course, his great voice. We were fortunate enough to have been touched by him and those moments remain treasured encounters. Some truly positive, uplifting experiences. Gregg will be remembered as someone who made a big difference in the lives of many and whose sonic legacy continues that memorable course.

Neal Schon (Journey, Santana)

Jesus dear God πŸ™πŸΎRIP Gregg Allman 🌈


Oh NO! Such sad news! Our hearts go out to Gregg's family. We are speechless. Rest in peace Gregg.

"Sad day that iconic rock legend Greg Allman has passed. His phenomenal talent will be sorely missed."- Charlie Huhn

One of my favorite Gregg Allman tunes is "I'm No Angel". - Roger Earl

One of my Favorite Allman Brothers songs is Whipping Post."-Charlie Huhn

Nils Lofgren

It's all just too much. #GreggAllman Rest In Peace Midnight Rider

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Wow. What a loss. RIP @GreggAllman Thanks for the music and the memories. The world is a better place thanks to your music.

Joe Bonamassa

My first concert in 1983 was Gregg Allman. I am so very saddened to hear of Gregg's passing today. One of a kind voice and musician.

Jesse Colin Young

Gregg my brother. How we will miss your soulful voice. Safe journey.

Frank Hannon (Tesla)

"We lost 2 of the greatest singers in the world this month. Both were groundbreaking musicians who were soulful and moved generations.
Our heartfelt condolences to the families of Gregg Allman and Chris Cornell. Both of you are huge influences on Tesla's music and you will always live in our hearts. Thank you for your wonderful music, it will live for eternity. " - Frank Hannon #TeslaBand

Julian Lennon

Saddened to hear the news of Gregg's Passing...
Heart & Prayers to his Family & Friends....

Neil Geraldo

facebook is gonna have to have an obituary page ...these brillant musicians artists performers are leaving too young and too often..Chris Cornell and now Gregg Allman....the Allman brothers band were a huge influence on me growing many bands i was in where we had to have 2 guitar players so we could play harmonies together..and take turns playing solos...and how many times we ended our set with whipping post ....and putting the needle up and down on the turn table learning those guitar lines and organ solos..and what a voice Gregg had wow....thank you for the great music and inspiration....wishing you a peaceful journey home ...

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Thank you Gregg Allman for touching our souls with music and for Allman Brothers Band for leading us down the path of true Southern Rock & Roll - windows down, volume all the way up.

Garland Jeffreys

What can you say that hasn't already been said about the passing of another musical great, Gregg Allman. In recent years it seems there are just too many of the musicians we felt would always be there leaving this earth. It's one reminder for all of us to live each day to the fullest, to be grateful for our lives here on earth and to keep on rocking as long as we can.

Beacon Theatre

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