The VVN Music Podcast With Melissa Manchester

by VVN Music

Melissa Manchester has had a tremendous career as a singer-songwriter, scoring numerous hits and working with the best in the business.

Four years ago, she ventured out on her own, running an Indiegogo campaign to finance her new album, You Gotta Love the Life. Now, she is using Indiegogo again for a new set, The Gents, a companion to her 1989 album Tribute but, this time, concentrating on the great male singers of the last 70 years such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and Johnny Mathis.

Manchester sees the Indiegogo route as a way to not only finance the various facets of the album making process but, also, as a way to work with her many fans or, as she calls them, Fanchesters.

The contribute to Melissa's new project:

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