The BBC is Concerned About Cliff Richard's Legal Costs

by VVN Music

The BBC is concerned they may be on the hook for millions of dollars in legal costs that Cliff Richard has accrued.

A 2014 investigation into whether Richard was involved with sexual abuse included a raid on his Berkshire home that was covered extensively by the BBC. In the end, no charges were filed against the singer with the authorities claiming lack of evidence.

Since the close of the investigation, Richard has sued the South Yorkshire Police and the BBC, specifically citing how the BBC covered the raid. According to the legal filing, the police assisted the BBC in providing information on the raid and the BBC breached Richard's privacy rights and caused "profound and long lasting" damage to his career.

The BBC's concern is that Richard has used an army of legal representatives that are "disproportionate" with severity of the case and that, if the company loses the case, they will have to pay those lawyer bills for Richard along with damages.

Lawyers for the BBC filed their concerns with the court earlier this week, saying "Though not without its legal complexities, this case cannot have required extensive factual investigations on behalf of the claimant: the broadcasts are in the public domain. On any view … the claimant’s incurred costs to date are grossly unreasonable and disproportionate."

According to records, Richard has already spent $682,000 (£525,437) so far on the case along with $480,000 (£369,414) spent during the original investigative proceedings.

While the judge is yet to render a decision on the BBC's request, lawyers for both parties got together on Friday and agreed to a one month "ceasefire" while they try to work out a settlement.

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