Prince Album Still Blocked But Estate Must Post a $1 Million Bond

by VVN Music

Things just got a little more interesting in the fight over the release of the Prince album Deliverance.

Back in mid-April, producer Ian Boxhill announced that he would release an EP of Prince music that he worked on with the singer to commemorate a year since his passing. Prince's estate quickly went to court and got a restraining order blocking Boxhill's RMA (Rogue Music Alliance) from releasing the album, saying it was a breach of contract that Boxhill had signed with Prince.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright extended the restraining order until May 22, but it came with a hitch. Paisley Park Enterprises, who is working with the estate and filed the original request, must put up a $1 million bond by 5 PM on May 12 or the restraining order will be lifted and Boxhill will be free to release the music.

Boxhill is required to give all of the master tapes from his sessions with Prince along with any "derivative work" (i.e., the completed, mixed recordings) to Paisley Park but the lawyers for Boxhill are allowed to retain a "forensic" copy of the recordings.

Look for further actions to occur before the expiration of the latest extension.

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