Passings: Pierre DeMudd, of the Dazz Band

by VVN Music

Pierre DeMudd, trumpeter and vocalist for the Dazz Band during their biggest years, has died. No details are available.

DeMudd was not part of Kinsman Dazz but joined in 1980 when the name of the group was changed to The Dazz Band after being signed to Motown Records.

From 1980 to 1988, the group scored numerous R&B hits, some of which crossed over to the pop charts including Let It Whip (1982 / #5 Pop / #1 R&B / #2 Dance), On the One For Fun (1983 / #9 R&B / #52 Dance), Joystick (1983 / #61 Pop / #9 R&B) and Let It All Blow (1984 / #84 Pop / #8 R&B / #3 Dance). They also topped the R&B charts with their 1982 album Keep It Alive.

As hip-hop started to grow in popularity, many of the dance and funk bands started touring in Europe where they still had an audience. In 1988, DeMudd left the Dazz Band but continued to play music until his later years.

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