Nikka Costa Records Album With a String Quartet

by VVN Music

Nikka Costa's new album takes her music in a new direction with a combination of covers and original songs along with the inclusion of a rhythm section and string quartet.

Nikka is no stranger to the use of strings in music. Her father was the great Don Costa who arranged for many vocalists including the great Frank Sinatra.

Costa recorded her first song at the age of 5 with Don Ho and sang with Frank Sinatra at the White House at 9. That same year, she recorded a version of the song Out Here on My Own from Fame that went to number 1 for fourteen weeks in Italy and nine weeks in Spain.

In the early 1990's, Costa took her career to a new level, switching from pop to a more soul sound, releasing four albums between 1996 and 2008.

Her new album, Nikka & Strings: Underneath and In Between, will be released on June 2 and was funded with a very successful Pledge Music campaign. Produced by her husband, Justin Stanley, and Bob Clearmountain, the material ranges from a cover of Frank Sinatra's Come Rain or Come Shine to the original, Silver Tongue, which she co-wrote with Prince.

Costa also covers Prince's song Nothing Compares 2 U which was the first single from the album:

Nikka said of the album:

This album really started as a tiny seed that took on a life of its own after so many people were so generous with their time, faith and talent. What started out as just an excuse to do a couple of gigs, while I tried to figure out what my next record was going to be about, ended up snowballing into this amazing project and I couldn’t be more grateful and thrilled!

Most albums require an enormous amount of mountain moving and this one was no different. From its inception through the making of this record I lost 2 dear friends and supporters and my angel of a dog, not to mention the emotional charge of singing over one of my late father’s arrangements. This album has given me the chance to grieve as well as celebrate and I hope you hear and feel it all when you’re listening. It’s been a gift for me and I’m excited to give it to you!

The track list:
  • Nothing Compares 2 U
  • Ain’t That Peculiar
  • Love To Love You Less
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • Cry To Me
  • Arms Around You
  • Headfirst
  • Lover You Should’ve Come Over
  • Silver Tongue
  • Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  • Stormy Weather

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