Metallica's Lars Ulrich to Get Weekly Show on Beats 1

by VVN Music

Apple's Beats 1 on-line radio station is about to get a bit of classic hard rock.

Metallica's outspoken drummer Lars Ulrich will premier a new weekly program, It's Electric!, on Sunday (May 7) at 3 PM PT and, for the first edition, his guest is Iggy Pop.

As for the show's format, Ulrich told the station's Zane Low "We go all over the world - we look at international bands for an international audience. I'm gonna play you lots of really cool music by mostly bands you don't know; a lot of bands I've just been introduced to. We don't believe in boundaries, and we're open to everything. I have some guests call in on the phone, and they promise me I'm gonna have this show every week."

Beats 1, which debuted on June 30, 2015, is available on Apple Music and through the iTunes app. It plays an eclectic mix of pop, rap and indie music concentrating on the latest releases with regular Monday through Thursday hosts Zane Lowe, who used to be with BBC 1, Julie Andnuga and Ebro Darden. Friday through Sunday includes specialized programs hosted by such artists as Elton John (The Rocket Hour), Pharrell Williams (OTHERtone), Ryan Adams (The Midnight Wave), Drake (OVO Sound Radio), Dr. Dre (The Pharmacy) and many more.

As far as Iggy Pop being the inaugural guest, Ulrich said "He joined us onstage for a sensational run through of the Stooges classic 'TV Eye,' and I asked him if he'd be the first guest on It's Electric! He called in and we talk about our shenanigans in Mexico City, the new relationship and the rest of it, so he's the very first guest. How cool is that?"

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