Daddy Yankee (with Luis Fonsi & Justin Bieber) to Have Second Week at #1 in UK, Hit Top in U.S.

by VVN Music

It's been twenty-two years since Daddy Yankee released his debut album, No Mercy and, while he has had great success on the Latin charts, he has rarely been able to duplicate on the all encompassing singles charts.

This week, he has finally broken through that glass ceiling and can claim the number 1 singles in both the U.K. and U.S. It's a rarity for a veteran artist to reach such heights, so that makes the accomplishment even more impressive.

Despacito, which translates to "slowly", is actually credited to Luis Fonsi Featuring Daddy Yankee and, it the latest version of the single, Justin Bieber has been added, sending the sales and streaming into the stratosphere.

In the U.K., all indications are that the single will hit number 1 for a second week. Previously, Daddy Yankee had peaked at number 5 with Gasolina twelve years ago.

As for the U.S., Despacito will be the new number 1 with Billboard releases the Hot 100 tomorrow. The singer's previous best in America was 2005's Rompe, which peaked at 24. He also had a minor hit with Gasolina which went to 32.

Despacito is also the first song sung mainly in Spanish to top the American charts since Los del Rio hit number 1 in 1995 with Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix). That single stayed at the top for fourteen weeks, one of the longest runs in chart history.

Foreign language records topping the Hot 100 is not unheard of, but it happens much less frequently in the last couple of decades. Domenico Modugno topped the chart for five weeks in 1957 with Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu and won the first Grammy Awards for Record and Song of the Year. It later later became popular in English versions by artists such as Dean Martin and Bobby Rydell.

Joe Dowell hit the top in 1961 with a English/German version of the song Wooden Heart which had been a number 1 record in the U.K., in English, by Elvis Presley a year earlier.

Two foreign language songs went to number 1 in 1963 with Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto in June and Dominique by The Singing Nun in December.

Then there was the mid-80's when Falco went to the top with Rock Me Amadeus (1986) and, a year later, Los Lobos hit number 1 with a cover of Ritchie Valens' La Bamba.

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