Set List: Radiohead Plays Two-Hours at Cocahella But Walks Off Twice Due To Sound Problems

by VVN Music

Radiohead hit the stage as the headliners on the first day of this year's Coachella Festival but all did not go that smoothly.

Audio problems plagued their set as early as the third song (Ful Stop) and, by the time they played their fifth (15 Step) the sound was out completely. A short break was taken while technicians got things under controlled but just over a song over the restarted performance, the sound was out again and the technicians once again commandeered the stage to try to figure things out.

Once they returned for a second time, things started going smoothly and they finished their seventeen song main set followed by a five song encore.

Five songs were played from their latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, along with the classic OK Computer. Four came from In Rainbows, three from Kid A and the rest were single songs from five other albums.

Radiohead returns next Friday night with, hopefully, fewer problems, for the second weekend of Coachella.

The set list:

Main Set
  • Daydreaming (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Desert Island Disk (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Ful Stop (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Airbag (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • 15 Step (from In Rainbows, 2007)
    • Short Intermission for Audio Problems
  • The National Anthem (from Kid A, 2000)
  • Let Down (from OK Computer, 1997)
    • Second Intermission for Audio Problems
  • Street Spirit (Fade Out) (from The Bends, 1995)
  • Bloom (from The King of Limbs, 2011)
  • Identikit (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Everything in Its Right Place (from Kid A, 2000)
  • There There (from Hail to the Thief, 2003)
  • Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Burn the Witch (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Idioteque (from Kid A, 2000)
  • Nude (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Creep (from Pablo Honey, 1993)
  • You and Whose Army? (from Amnesiac, 2001)
  • No Surprises (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Paranoid Android (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Bodysnatchers (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Karma Police (from OK Computer, 1997)

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