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Roger Waters Tells Dan Rather "Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong" With the American Political System

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Roger Waters has recorded his first solo album in 25 years and it is about the Trump administration. This week he will talk to Dan Rather about it on AXS TV.

“The people of the United States of America elected this nincompoop, this guy that everybody despises,” Trump tells Rather.

“He is provocative, outspoken, but also poetic,” the veteran newsman Dan Rather said in a Facebook post. “I was struck by his ability to paint a picture with words. At one point when I asked him about the story behind Pink Floyd’s classic song Wish You Were Here, he explained how former lead singer Syd Barrett was part of the inspiration for the song, but in general he prefers to not examine the when and the how of songwriting too much. “It would feel a little bit like investigating a butterfly,” he said. “You end up with dust and a few broken bits”.

The full interview with Roger Waters will air at 8 PM tonight (Tuesday April 4) on The Big Interview on AXS TV.


Anonymous said…
Roger waters,
I was surfing through some channels and Dan Rathers interview with you was on. I watched about a minute of the interview. I heard a foreigner lecturing Americans on standing up to oppression and authoritarianism. Are you kidding me! We have kicked your british authoritarian subjects out of this country on two different occasions. Do you know why you are able to speak that way on American television? Because those great American founding fathers had the commitment and belief to tell the King, of the country you CHOOSE to be subject of, to kiss our collective ass. Those were the first Americans. You speak as if you know something about being an American. You dont know anything about being an American. You have made your choice, you choose to be a subject. I would suggest to spend some more time with Danny boy and explain to him how you are working to "raise awareness" of the islamic takeover of your Queens country.
Have a nice day
Anonymous said…
You, are an idiot.
Unknown said…
The fool above is another one of those who's got the only opinion that matters in the world .who must believe the atrocious politics of America don't effect the rest of the world ..and worst of all believes trumps divisive cabinet and policy is going to "make America racist ...Errrr great again."...when there is a horrible human being in the spot light, because he wants to be there for the world to see , the world gets to comment .....
Unknown said…
Anonymous said...

you just gotta be one of sheeple tRump voters, considering the fact that YOU are exactly what you are calling others. Go read a book, history preferably, and a dictionary.

This country you claim to know something about, USA, is as authoritarian as any in the world, and worse now the the Orange Clown Spooge is trying to be head asshole.

The First Americans??? You moron................

there is a horrible human being in the spot light, because he wants to be there for the world to see , the world gets to comment ....."
Excellent comment since we are so wonderfully and incessantly bombing MOST of the world.

Anonymous Anonymous said... i have to cut it short because YOU are what wrong with UhmeriKKKa you moron!