Mike Rutherford Thrilled With the Live Reaction to Mike + the Mechanics' New Music

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Mike & The Mechanics founder Mike Rutherford says he is pleased and relieved that his new music is going down so well live with fans.

Rutherford has just released Let Me Fly, the first Mike & The Mechanics since 2011.

“People do kind of say “like a Mechanics track”, Mike tells Noise11.com. “I’m not sure what it is, a combination of the way we write, the words, but it is nice to have “a sound”.

Slipping the new songs into the setlist has been a relatively painless task for Rutherford. “In the past, we had trouble getting the new songs played over the old songs. On this album Don’t Care What Came Over Me is a great start. The title track, Let Me Fly, is also special,” he said.

The band is now fronted by lead singer Andrew Roachford. “We just finished a UK tour and we put a couple in, then we put even more in, then we had seven,” Andrew adds. “Usually when a band has that much new music it is an excuse for the audience to get up and go to other things. Our fans are very loyal but it seemed the new music was blending in with all the other hits. We’ve done the hits for a long time and we will continue to do them because we enjoy doing them. It is great having that identifiable sound but the new songs are really taking like a duck to water”.

Roachford and other vocalist, Tim Howar, joined the Mike & The Mechanics line-up in 2010.

The Mechanics have always played small venues. We do a lot of festivals. That’s works great for us.

Mike & The Mechanics, Let Me Fly, was released on Friday through BMG.

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JR said...

A CD long time in coming, sounds great!

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