Listen: Janis Joplin's Isolated Vocal Tracks for "Piece of My Heart" and "Move Over"

by VVN Music

Sometimes, when you strip away the instruments and general production of a record so all you hear is the singer, it is a bit of a disappointment. The way you overlay the various tracks can cover up a multitude of problems.

That's why the following isolated vocal tracks from Janis Joplin are so incredible. There is nothing to cover up or correct. She was a vocalist of superb style and talent.

The first recording is her iconic recording of Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns' Piece of My Heart, a track they had written for Erma Franklin but which eventually made it into the hands of Big Brother and the Holding Company. The song was included on their album Cheap Thrills (1968) and, as a single, it went on to a gold record with sales of over 500,000.

When listening to this track, understand that there are long sections of silence where only the band was playing.

The second isolated vocal comes from two years later for Joplin's solo album Pearl. Move On, written by Joplin, opened the album.

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