Listen: Glen Campbell Sings "Everybody's Talkin'" From His New Album "Adios"

by VVN Music

Yesterday's announcement of a new final Glen Campbell album left many stunned as it had been thought that his last LP, 2013's See You There, was the last of the tracks that could be mined from his final sessions.

The information that came out on Friday said that these new tracks were recorded right after Campbell's "The Goodbye Tour" which ended on November 30, 2012. As his last two albums were recorded during the Ghost on the Canvas sessions from 2009 and 2010, that means the new tracks were done two-plus years later. The big question than becomes, how bad had Campbell's Alzheimer's disease become when he went into the studio.

The answer, at least from this track, is not bad at all. While Glen's voice has deepened a bit in his later years, it still rings clear and true.

Everybody's Talkin' was written by Fred Neil in 1966 and was recorded by Harry Nilsson for his album Aeriel Ballet (1968). The initial single of the song failed to chart but, after being included in the film Midnight Cowboy, it took off, eventually reaching number 6. The record went on to win the Grammy for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance, Male at the 1970 awards.

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