Jefferson Starship Guitarist Sues Current Version of Band Over Name

by VVN Music

Craig Chaquico, the original guitarist for Jefferson Starship, says that band name was retired in 1985 and shouldn't be resurrected for a new band.

The timeline of the name goes back to the mid-60's with Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Cassady, Spencer Dryden and a number of other musicians who spet time in the lineup. Their legacy as one of the great bands of the second half of the 60's ended with their breakup in 1972.

Kantner, Slick and later members David Frieberg, John Barbata and Papa John Creach initially formed Jefferson Starship in 1974 with Pete Sears and Craig Chaquico joining later in the year. In terms of hits, the new band surpassed Airplane with five top twenty records.

When Kantner left the group in 1984, he sued to stop those that remained, none of which were original members, from using the Jefferson Starship name so they became known simply as Starship. Like their predecessor, they eclipsed the popularity of their predecessor, hitting the top of the charts three times (We Built This City, Sara, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now).

Guitarist Chaquico was with Jefferson Starship from their earliest days and transitioned into Starship, staying with them until their breakup in 1990. He was the only member of the two bands to appear on every one of their albums during each band's original and best known iterations.

On Thursday (April 27), Chaquico filed a lawsuit in San Francisco to try and stop some former bandmates, including original member Freiberg and later drummer Donny Baldwin (joined 1982) from using the Jefferson Starship name.

According to the suit, everyone in the band agreed to retire the Jefferson Starship name when the band separated in the mid-80's and, although Kantner resurrected the name at a later date, the right for anyone to use it ended when Kantner died in 2016.

Chaquico says that the band is using the name without permission and has been using photos from the group's early days that includes Craig's picture to promote their appearances. He has asked a judge to stop the lineup from using the Jefferson Starship for appearances and on merchandise.

The suit went on to say "For this band line-up to tour and call itself Jefferson Starship is woefully misleading to the public and confuses longtime fans."

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