Daryl Hall Suing New York Town Over Venue Occupancy Limits

by VVN Music

Daryl Hall is not happy with the town of Pawling, NY over their restrictions on how many people he can allow for an outside venue at his club.

Hall, who came to fame in Hall & Oates but started a side business a few year ago with his Live at Daryl's House web and TV series. Originally, the show was shot at Hall's home but, in 2014, he converted an old restaurant into Daryl's House Restaurant and Music Venue where he would regularly host some of his musical friends.

Recently, Hall decided to open an outdoor stage so that acts could play evening shows during weather appropriate times. The town, in turn, said they wouldn't consider the application until Daryl's House reduced their indoor occupancy which was originally rated in 2014 for 175 seated patrons or 318 standees; however, the town wants to reduce the number to 198 standing people.

On March 17, the principles in Daryl's House filed suit against the town alleging that the town had "improperly placed a moratorium on the application for the outdoor concerts until such time as Daryl’s House acquiesced to the wrongful and illegal reduced occupancy edict."

The suit requests that the court order the town to stop trying to reset the indoor occupancy numbers and to move forward with negotiating the plans and number for the outdoor venue.

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