Dan Fogelberg's 1979 Carnegie Hall Concert to Be Relesaed

by VVN Music

This coming December will be the tenth anniversary of the music world losing Dan Fogelberg.

A superb singer-songwriter who had first come on the scene in 1972, he wrote and had hits with such classics as Longer, Same Old Lang Syne, Leader of the Band and Run For the Roses.

In 1979, Dan had the honor of performing at New York's Carnegie Hall, always a major high point in an artist's career. According to his widow, Jean, Dan was nervous because of the venue and the fact that his parents were going to be attending and he didn't want the extra pressure of having the show recorded even though his management team was for it.

Fortunately for fans, the people running the sound board did hook up a recorder to document the night and, at some point, Dan had the recording transferred to DAT (digital audio tape) but, over the years, those recordings were lost among years of memorabilia.

Jump forward to March of 2015. Jean found the DAT while sorting through some of the many items that had been collected over Dan's career. To her surprise, the sound on the recording was great so she started down the road of issuing the concert to her husband's fans.

Sony, who held the majority of Fogelberg's catalog, turned her down but offered to help in any way they could so Jean and friend and Dan's former manager Irving Azoff started looking into restoring the recordings.

Multiple rounds of mastering, pressing and printing later (the full story, as written by Jean, can be read on the Dan Fogelberg page) and the show is finally ready to be issued on May 12 via Jean's own Nether Land Records.

I hope you enjoy the concert.

It's Dan in his element, nailing every vocal, guitar, and piano part and chatting with the crowd.

The only thing we cut was a couple minutes of applause before the encore, other than that, it's the full concert from introduction to last encore and everything in between.

The track list:

Disc 1
  • Nether Lands
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Stars
  • Crow
  • Old Tennessee
  • Song From Half Mountain
  • (Someone's Been) Telling Your Story
  • To the Morning
  • Paris Nocturne
  • Sketches Summer
  • Sketches Winter
Disc 2
  • Next Time
  • Manha de Carnaval
  • Guitar Etude No. 3
  • Plastered in Paris
  • The Chauvinist Song
  • Full Moon Mansion
  • Beggers Game
  • Same Old Lang Syne
  • All Night Long
  • Morning Sky
  • Souvenirs
  • Illinois
  • Part of the Plan
  • There's a Place in the World For a Gambler
  • Along the Road

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