Barry Manilow Talks About His Marriage in Rare Interview

by VVN Music

Barry Manilow is a very public figure with a very private personal life.

For years, rumors swirled around the music world about Manilow's sexuality. He was married to Susan Deixler in 1964 with sources saying he was either divorced a year later or the marriage was annulled after two years. Since then, although there were occasional rumors of relationships, Manilow concentrated on his music and kept his own life private.

That is until 2014 when news broke that he had married his long-time manager Gary Kief. The next year, he finally came out as gay but did not talk about it in the press until now in an new interview with People.

In the interview, Manilow said that he was truly in love with Deixler but it wasn't the time in his life to get married. He was busy building a career and was, at the time, questioning his sexuality.

His star did rise slowly over the next decade, first as a writer of commercial jingles, then as an accompanist for a young Bette Midler. Finally, he broke onto the charts with hits like Mandy and Could It Be Magic.

In 1978, he met TV executive Kief who soon became Manilow's manager, a position he holds to this day. Beyond their professional work, they are now in the 39th year of their personal relationship which was capped in 2014 with their marriage.

Manilow kept both his sexuality and relationship with Kief under wraps for one main reason, his fans. He was afraid that they would be disappointed to find out that he was gay. The actual reaction when all became public was the opposite. Manilow says he was overwhelmed with the support.

The full story will be out this Friday in People.

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