You Knew This Was Coming! Donald Trump Goes on Twitter Rage at Snoop Dogg

by VVN Music

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump's lawyer had their say about Snoop Dogg's Lavender video which shows Snoop aim and shoot a confetti gun at an actor playing Trump in clown face, but you had to know that the man himself would have to have his say.

At 7:02 AM this morning (a bit late by Twitter rage standards), President Trump lashed out at Snoop, saying he had a failing career and making a rather speculative claim.

First off, Snoop is doing very well with his career, no only with his music but with his big VH1 hit Martha & Snoop's Pot Luck Dinner Party with Martha Stewart.

Second, President Obama received numerous couched threats from Ted Nugent over his eight years, one of which even included a visit from authorities, yet he was never jailed, so his allegation has little basis in reality.

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