Set List: Backstreet's Back as the Backstreet Boys Open Their Las Vegas Residency

by VVN Music

The Backstreet Boys hit the stage for the first of their 26-show residency at Planet Hollywood's Axis auditorium on Wednesday night to an ecstatic crowd who danced and sang along to a set full of hits.

The group kept the show to their own singing and dancing with, reportedly, not a lot of spectacle and costumes. It was just the five singers and their dancers.

The one exception was the recreation of the folding chair routine from their 1997 video As Long As You Love Me.

Notable is that the band fit in full length versions of all twelve of their top forty hits except for Drowning (2001 / #28 U.S. / #4 U.K.) and sixteen of the nineteen that hit the British top forty with the exception of Drowning, Just Want You to Know (2005 / #8 U.K.) and Inconsolable (2007 / #24)

The set list:

Main Set

  • Larger Than Life (from Millenium, 1999)
  • The One (from Millenium, 1999)
  • Get Down (You're the One For Me) (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Every Time I Close My Eyes (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Incomplete (from Never Gone, 2005)
  • Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (from Millenium, 1999)
  • I’ll Never Break Your Heart (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Anywhere for You (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Darlin’ (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Back To Your Heart (from Millenium, 1999)
  • As Long As You Love Me (from Backstreet's Back, 1997)
  • The Call (from Black & Blue, 2000)
  • We’ve Got It Goin’ On (from Backstreet Boys, 1996)
  • Get Another Boyfriend (from Black & Blue, 2000)
  • More Than That (from Black & Blue, 2000)
  • All I Have To Give (from Backstreet's Back, 1997)
  • Shape Of My Heart (from Black & Blue, 2000)
  • I Want It That Way (from Millenium, 1999)
  • Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (from Backstreet's Back, 1997)
The current run of Las Vegas shows goes until April 28 with a second run from June 14 to July 1. 

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