Review: "Hot Thoughts" - Spoon

by Jeremy Williams-Chalmers,

Texan indie-rockers Spoon debuted 21 years ago with the still impressive Telephono and, while they have managed to consistently deliver impressive records, they have never managed to become household names; however, with the three studio albums they have released since 2007, they have managed to chart impressively Stateside along with their critical acclaim. As they return to Matador, the label through which they released their debut effort, the group hope that Hot Thoughts will be the album to help them achieve the commercial success to match their critical acclaim.

Hot Thoughts unsurprisingly is an album that will once again get the thumbs up from the critics, commercial success will be determined in the aftermath of its release this week. Another striking collection of stylish and slick songwriting that boasts as much substance as it does flair.

Central to their sound are Britt Daniel's weather-worn vocals, which flawlessly journey through the jaunty guitars and brooding synths. From the opening of the understated addictive pull of the title track through to the mournfullu experimental closer Us, Spoon fail to put a foot wrong.

That being said, this is not an album that does not boast highlights, even if it doesn't deliver lowlights. The spacey glitz of I Ain't The One and trippy Nashville alt-country of Shotgun come close to stealing the show, however it is the jingly tease of Pink Up that shines brightest.

While they may or may not break the big-time with their latest collection, Spoon fans can breathe a sigh of relief that their high standard has been maintained in another stunning collection.

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