More Than One Hundred Veteran Artists Pay Tribute to Chuck Berry

by VVN Music

A truly amazing number of veteran artists have been speaking out about the passing of the great Chuck Berry.  Chuck died yesterday at the age of 90.

Bruce Springsteen

Chuck Berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived. This is a tremendous loss of a giant for the ages.

-Bruce Springsteen

Paul Simon

I would say no songwriter influenced my generation to a greater degree than Chuck Berry.

"Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans /
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens /
There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood /
Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode"

For me, it was like a magical place to hear about this description of rural America. It's like Zora Neale Hurston territory -- an amazing bit of writing for the '50s and something that left a powerful impression with me, who was just beginning to play guitar.

- Paul Simon

Mick Jagger

I am so sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing. I want to thank him for all the inspirational music he gave to us. He lit up our teenage years, and blew life into our dreams of being musicians and performers. His lyrics shone above others and threw a strange light on the American dream. Chuck, you were amazing, and your music is engraved inside us forever.

Brian Wilson

I am so sad to hear about Chuck Berry passing. He was a tremendous inspiration for me and so many of my peers. He will be missed by everyone who loves Rock 'n Roll. Love & Mercy, Brian

Mike Love

No one was more inspirational or influential to us when we started The Beach Boys as Chuck Berry and he was an enormous influence on our songs. We weren't the only ones who were similarly effected, as the world of Rock & Roll was forever shaped by the incredibly creative Brown Eyed Handsome Man. As much an icon in the sports world as Muhammad Ali, Chuck Berry was one to the world of music. We once shared a plane ride and I remember fondly his telling me he "liked what you did with Sixteen" that's because Sweet Little Sixteen was absolutely the inspiration for Surfin USA - one of our biggest hits! Fun Fun Fun and Be True To Your School were also born as a result of my "going to school" at Chuck Berry University. We were all given such a wonderfull gift from this creative genius, and though we mourn his passing we will celebrate his lasting legacy and the brilliance embodied in his Rock& Roll Music. Peace And Love Chuck Berry- you will always be the leader of a big ole band. We love you Chuck! Love, Mike Love

Alice Cooper

RIP #ChuckBerry, the genesis behind the great sound of rock n roll. All of us in rock have now lost our father.

Gene Simmons

RIP Chuck Berry

My profound respect and admiration to one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, who sadly passed today -- the late, great CHUCK BERRY.
A sad day.

Ringo Starr

R I P. And peace and love Chuck Berry Mr. rock 'n' roll music 😎✌️🌟💖🎵🎶☮

Just let me hear some of that rock 'n' roll music any old way you use it I am playing I'm talking about you. God bless Chuck Berry Chuck 😎

John Oates

Chuck Berry was my hero...I wanted to play guitar like him and wanted to write songs like him even though I knew nothing I could come up with would ever come close to his originality, crisp, perfectly crafted lyrics and without knowing I even found myself a great piano player in Daryl Hall just like Chuck found Johnnie wasn't planned but it happened. Every rock and roller in the world owes a debt to Chuck Berry. His songs will never die..."Hail Hail Rock and Roll". - John Oates

Steven Van Zandt

Chuck Berry was the King of Rock and Roll. Period. Richard brought the Passion, Elvis the Heartbreak, Bo the Beat, Jerry Lee the Abandon, Buddy let the Everyman in, Chuck brought the Storytelling. The words that Bob Dylan would evolve into an Artform. He led the teenage takeover of Pop Music that the Beatles and Stones would complete. He invented Rock guitar and made it look like fun. He gave the previously ignored age group between adolescence and adulthood an identity, a mythology, a chance to see themselves. He gave them Respect. And those teenagers would return that respect to Rock and Roll for the next 60 years and counting.

- Little Steven, March 18 2017

Julian Lennon

So sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing... The Father of Rock & Roll.

I was fortunate enough to have met him a few times, and to hang/play with him on stage & behind the scenes, during the filming of Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll. An unforgettable experience...
And as Dad once said "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry."

Thank You for All that You gave us....

My Heart & Prayer go out to his Family & Friends

John Densmore

All of us rockers stand on the shoulders of the man who invented the 'duck walk.' Hail, hail Chuck Berry...jd

Paul Stanley

RIP CHUCK BERRY. Truly a cornerstone of all that is, was and will be Rock and Roll. An icon like few others.

Rod Stewart

It started with Chuck Berry. He inspired us all. The 1st album I bought was Chuck's "Live at the Tivoli" and I was never the same.

John Lodge

To us musicians who played on stage with #chuckberry to stand in his shadow was an honour and priveledge #moodyblues

John Fogerty

Great songwriter, great guitar player, great singer. One of a kind. Thank you Mr. Chuck Berry for teaching me how it's done. Hail, hail Rock and Roll! RIP my friend.

Ronnie Wood

So sad ~ with the passing of Chuck Berry comes the end of an era 🙏. He was one of the best and my inspiration 🎸, a true character indeed.


Chuck Berry and I became friends back in the 50s at the Brooklyn Fox Theater, I always admired Chuck he was our elder statesman - loved his music and style ~ We had great respect for each other.

Chuck Berry was rock's greatest Innovator guitarist, and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived.

I found it easy to be around him, to enjoy his company, I will miss him big time, Great Guy~

Warren Haynes

RIP Chuck Berry- “What can I say? His influence is among the greatest in musical history which is noted worldwide. Sadly enough, more elsewhere than in his own back yard of America. Chuck Berry is one of the architects of one of the greatest gifts to mankind- Rock and Roll.

As a guitar player Chuck brought us something “new and different” that is now so much a part of the fabric of Rock and Roll that we often forget where it came from and how original it was at the time. I remember Dickey Betts telling me, a long time ago, how people my age and younger didn't really get the impact of Chuck Berry and that, if you were a guitar player from his generation, Chuck Berry had the same impact on you that Jimi Hendrix had on guitar players of my generation. To quote Bob Seger, “All Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks.”

As a songwriter he stands alone. He contributed more to the Rock and Roll songbook than anyone. Imagine being covered by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, the Band, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Kinks, Count Basie, the Byrds, Eric Clapton, Cream, the Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, Peter Tosh, Elton John, Santana, Conway Twitty, the Sex Pistols, James Taylor, Humble Pie, Johnny Winter, Wilson Pickett, Simon and Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen, the Animals, Tom Petty, David Bowie, the MC 5, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, AC/DC….well you get the point. Chuck Berry wrote songs that you could visualize. He brought lyrical stories to life in music. He gave the “feeling" a voice. The world of music has lost one of its' great composers.

“Roll over Beethoven-tell Tchaikovsky the news”.- WH

Cliff Richard

I must have been 15 years old when I first heard Chuck B sing THIRTY DAYS (to get back home) and then, of course, a wealth of other exciting and up-lifting recordings came our way. There was no one like Elvis, and it has to be said that there was definitely NO ONE remotely like Chuck Berry.

Rest In Peace. God bless, you were an inspiration to us all.

Dave Davies

Today's the day music died-probably the most important musical influence in my life RIP Chuck Berry - Love, Dave

Chuck Berry was a true rock n Roll poet before Dylan he was incredible lyrical influence on so many musicians. It wasn't just his great style and tone and personality. He had everything. He was cheeky and funny - he was an entertainer as well as a rock guitar player . I met him at the airport once briefly in the early 80s. He seemed really grumpy but I was in awe of him anyway. My favorite cover we did of his were Beautiful Delilah and Too much monkey business. The lyrics are amazing .


Thou Shall Have No Other Rock Gods Before Him #ChuckBerry rip

Jesse Colin Young

Even though u would only let me play 2notes in "Memphis" when I played bass for you

Ah Chuck how we will miss you.

Dave Mustaine

One of the first solos I ever learned was Chuck Berry's. I'm truly saddened this morning, as we've lost another legend. RIP Mr. Berry!

Sammy Hagar

Rock ’n’ roll music would not be what it is today without the influence of Chuck Berry on so many of us musicians! Let’s just start with the Beatles and the Stones. Thank God for his Rock and roll presence on this planet. Hail hail Rock ’n’ Roll!

Neil Giraldo

Chuck Berry....the 6 string inspirational songwriter father king of of Rock N Roll....... has left us and taken the journey home.... i first heard the 45 of down bound train on chess records as a young guitar player / was in the middle of a 10 pack 99cent 45 wrap my mother bought me from woolworths 5 and dime store....when i got home i put all 10 45's on my record player...Chuck Berry's record stood out it ...sounded different then all the rest....there was a mystery unfolding....a ghost... and you had to figure out what it was and where it was leading you.......btw i still have the original 45....i also didnt realize who it was until many years after.....when i was old enuff to actually understand who this person was i was captured like so many of us musicians and for hours sitting in my basement growing up as a young guitar player playing Johnny B. Goode over and over again....can't imagine what RnR would have been without Chuck Berry......R.I.P...peace

Bob Seger

A true pioneer, a brilliant writer, great guitar player, one of the Rock n Roll creators. How many people have played his riffs? His Johnny B Goode is on the Voyager spacecrafts heading for the stars – how many rockers can say that! Chuck had tremendous influence on my work and could not have been a nicer guy. One of the all time greats. RIP #ChuckBerry.

Gregg Allman

The first, the best, a friend. Rest In Peace Chuck Berry. #tweet #chuckberry


Heart broken to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry. He was undisputedly the king. A moment of silence is idefinitely n order. RIP


R.I.P. To the father of ROCK N ROLL the genius CHUCK BERRY ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾Johnny be good

Shawn Colvin

I just love this guy. Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll. #chuckberry #restinpeace

Rory Gallagher

RIP Chuck Berry, one of Rory's biggest heroes and influences. "You know, my temperature's risen' and the jukebox blows a fuse. My heart's beatin' rhythm and my soul keeps on singin' the blues" #chuckberry #rocknroll

Peter Frampton

He had a gtr style that influenced so many generations of players. Oh yes and how to write a great RnR song. Rest in peace dear Chuck

Keith Urban

RIP Chuck Berry !!!! Thank you for the poetry, the passion and the potency! GO JOHNNY GO. - KU

Nikki Sixx

RIP Chuck Berry. Without him Rock n Roll wouldn't be what it came to be.

Ace Frehley

"My sympathy goes out to Chuck's family...I was lucky enough to jam with him in '69 and met him a couple of times after that...God Bless Chuck Berry! He was one of the Kings of Rock&Roll!!!" -- Ace

Tommy James

I knew Chuck Berry and worked with him several times over the years.

He was my first guitar teacher. Like so many other young players, I learned off his records. We always had great talks about music, and I told him how much his music meant to me.

I'll never forget when we worked together with Bob Hope at the tri-centennial celebration of Rhode Island. We had a lot of laughs together.

Chuck was a friend of mine and I'll really, really miss him.

There will never be another like him.

Vernon Reed

Guitar playing.

To have stood on stage with Mr. Chuck Berry at the Apollo Theater is one of the great honors of my life. He gave us EVERYTHING.

Neil Sedaka

We lost maybe the greatest Rock 'N' Roller of all time. His marriage of words and music is unparalleled. His records will remain timeless. Thank you Chuck Berry for the endless joy you've given us all.

Carmine Appice

RIP. Chuck Berry. I back him a few times in the 60s. LEGEND

Doug Aldrich

I'm the desert and needed to stop as I just heard Chuck Berry passed:( R.I.P. Big part of Rock n Rock is gone..Very Thankful for his music.

Greg Kihn

We have lost one of the all time greats of rock and roll. Not only was Chuck Berry an amazing guitar player, but he wrote many of rock and roll's most endearing anthems. Good-bye, Johnny B. Goode. There will never be another like you.

Brian May (see his full statement at his website)

I was shocked to hear he’d gone. And then you get that haunting feeling that you didn’t think of him for ages, even though he was a massive influence on your life. I never met Chuck Berry, sadly, but in a way maybe it’s better I remained the fan at a distance that I always was, from the very beginnings of my own love affair with the guitar.

Michael McDonald

RIP Chuck Berry. Your gift gave all humanity a spiritual shift.

Rick Springfield

Oh no!

THE Godfather of rock and roll. May he now find the peace he never seemed to have in this fucked up world!!
Hail Hail Chuck Berry!


Jeff Beck

I know he was considered ''a grumpy old man.'' However when one discovers how many people shamelessly ripped him off you fully understood why. J.B. #RIP #CHUCKBERRY

Tom Jones

Game changer, rock n roll poet, guitar master: RIP Chuck Berry

Leo Sayer

Thanks Chuck! RIP - and don't ever worry, you were the King Of Rock 'N Roll and always will be...

Jay Jay French

Chuck Berry is dead. No words really. The smartest, most creative rock n roller in history. I totally owe my guitar style to him. RIP

Duff McKagen

RIP Chuck Berry. One of my early concerts as a teen was seeing you. I was awed then and that feeling has never waned.

Marie Osmond

It was an honor to know you, Chuck Berry! A legend, a pioneer, and one of the greatest rock & rollers of all time. #RIP #JohnnyBGoode

Billy Bragg

Whenever I'm asked to put together a top ten of political songs, this number [Roll Over Beethoven] is always first on the list. A black man with an electric guitar loudly proclaiming to white America that the music that will dominate youth culture in the coming decades will be African-American. Who was making such revolutionary pop music in 1956? RIP Chuck.

William "Bootsy" Collins

Dang another one not funkin' with us. Our Rock & Roll legend Mr. Chuck Berry has changed frequencies today. Join us while we Send up love vibes & prayers to his family & friends. Thanks for all the gifts u shared with us. R.I.P. now, good brother...

Billy Idol

Rest in Peace Chuck Berry. More than just a guitarist, he was the FIRST rock-n-roll poet. Magic! - Billy

Justin Timberlake

Pioneer. Innovator. Legend. All-around BADASS. RIP, #ChuckBerry.

Ronnie Montrose

For Chuck Berry, dead today at the age of 90.

Chuck, you were one of the inventors, pioneers and early innovators of rock and roll.

A huge influence then and now.

You will be missed!

Ted Nugent

Chuck Berry, thank you.

Burton Cummings

Truly one of the inventor/fathers of rock and roll. Chuck's lyrics were decades before rap and hip hop, but he created countless rhythms that artists would continue using and still do to this day. Chuck influenced just about everybody. When he first burst on to the scene, the world had never heard anything like him. His records will live forever…Chuck Berry was TRULY one of a kind...


Bill Ward

When my grandchildren ask, what was rock 'n' roll? I will open my scrapbook to a time when a guitarist, singer and songwriter played and influenced untold thousands of musicians. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, I would hold onto his coattails while he illuminated a reachable path to my wildest dreams.
I'll show my grandchildren a picture of this suited up man dancing and playing on one leg and strutting across the stage. I'll play the first 30 seconds or so of “Johnny B Goode.” That's what rock 'n' roll looks and sounds like, kids. And when they ask who this man is, I'll tell them smiling, Chuck Berry, kids, Chuck Berry.
Thanks, and RIP Mr. Berry.

Our condolences to his family and fans.

Bill Ward and family

Bobby Rush

Chuck Berry, my friend, 1927-2017.

"I am at a speechless situation now but I know God don't make no mistakes. This is a day I don't want to ever live again because of a loss of a good friend from 1952 until he passed. I remember doing many birthdays for him. I remember him driving around on his tractors in his yard and doing stuff like that. What he did inspired me to what I do today, because I could see if you work hard, you can succeed. He was one of the first guys to cross over to get a white audience. He cut the roads and paved the way for black men to cross over and play white venues for white people. Thank god for Chuck Berry. He wrote so well, sung so well, and entertained so well. Chuck Berry will always live in my heart and soul. He always said, "Bobby Rush, I can't do what you do," he always told me about being on stage, "...I watch you and hope people will watch you and follow your footsteps." I thought, how could he say that to me, because I looked up to him, that way. When he saw me, he said it made him feel good and he learned things from me. Meanwhile, I got so much from him. There won't be another Chuck Berry. We can only do some of things he's done. Farewell for now, but not for long. Appreciate the love he had for me and I appreciate him and the statement he made in music. All I can say is Chuck Berry Be Good!" - Bobby Rush

Collin Raye

Yet another music icon left this earth today. The incomparable Chuck Berry...... THE MAN ..... the man who truly created Rock n Roll, has passed away. He lived a long, fruitful life, so it is only right that we celebrate his life, music and legacy with a rockin, joyous heart, and pay homage to the massive list of classic, iconic songs, that he created. A stylist?? An incredible entertainer?? A groundbreaker ?? Absolutely....But, it's his amazing ability as a songwriter/ wordsmith that I appreciate the most. I will sing his songs tonight, and for the rest of my life. "Roll Over Beethoven!!" Chuck .... I believe you started something. God Bless you and may you rest in peace. ~~Collin

Gloria Gaynor

My thought and prayers are with the family & loved ones of Chuck Berry ... a true music legend.

Glenn Hughes

RIP Chuck Berry ... one of a kind ... you set the bar high #allhailrockandroll

Beth Orton

RIP to the Daddy of rock and roll 🎸🎸🎸 1926-2017

Darius Rucker

Song of the day..."Roll Over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry. RIP. Legend isn't a big enough word for you sir!!

Booker T. Jones

Backstage at Dick Clark TV Show said Hi to a fellow carrying guitar. My name's Booker what's yours? "Chuck". What's your last name? "Berry."

Dave Alvin

One night in Berlin a thousand years ago, I was involved in a ridiculous, inebriated discussion with some music business folks over who was the greatest living songwriter. Each person named some famous or slightly famous current songwriter. Their obvious, popular choices pissed me off so I drunkenly slammed my beer bottle down hard on the table and exclaimed, "You're all f***ing wrong because Chuck Berry is still f**" ing alive!" That ended the absurd conversation. Say what you will about all the deserving songwriters (or the undeserving ones) but none of them could hold Chuck's guitar pick. He had a vision based on the music that came before him (from blues to pop to country) and by following that vision he created songs, rhythms, an attitude and a wild, more progressive culture that hadn't existed before. I knew this sad day was coming but I not-so-secertly prayed it never would. Rock and Roll In Peace Mr Berry. Thank you for everything!

Bobby Hart

Sad news to hear of the passing of another legend whose music has impacted so many lives for decades; R.I.P. Chuck Berry, loving thoughts and prayers for his loved ones left behind

Pam Tillis

Very sad to hear the news that Chuck Berry died today at the age of 90. I think John Lennon said it best: "If you had to give Rock 'n' Roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry".

Dwight Yoakam

Saddened by the news of his passing. Yet still enveloped by youthful joy each time I hear the hope filled exuberance of his music. Perhaps the greatest Rock N Roll lyricist ever... The genius of his effortless eloquence was a master class lesson to any songwriter who ever listened...


Son Volt

Hail! Hail! Chuck Berry the original rock n' roller. RIP

Bobby Rydell

No one can listen to the infamous sound of Chuck Berry without singing and dancing. His legend lives on as he now rests in peace.

Lenny Kravitz

Hail Hail Chuck Berry!!! None of us would have been here without you. Rock on brother!

Dennis Tufano

Chuck Berry RIP. You started something🎶⚡🎶

Danny Seraphine

Sadly, today we lost one of the true pioneers in Rock and Roll history. In 1963, I had the privilege backing him up. At age 15 1/2, it was my first road gig in Pittsburgh, PA. What a way to cut your teeth with one of the most influential artists of all time. It gave me so much confidence at a very early age. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Farewell to Chuck Berry, one of the greatest of all time.

Rick Danko

RIP Chuck.

Martha Quinn

Friends Chuck Berry passed away. He joins his fellow music innovators Beethoven & Tchaikovsky. Thank you for the music, for rock 'n roll 🙏

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry. He was a true pioneer of rock 'n' roll and a massive influence on us. Chuck was not only a brilliant guitarist, singer and performer, but most importantly, he was a master craftsman as a songwriter. His songs will live forever.


Chuck Berry IS rock and roll!
It's sad day for rock and roll, but his music will live on forever.
Hail, hail rock and roll!!!!!

Grateful Dead

For Chuck Berry who "never stopped rocking till the moon went down..." We are forever Grateful.


Rest in Peace Chuck of the original rock and roll guitar legends....thank you for the music!

Paul Revere's Raiders

Rest in peace Chuck Berry. The uncontested innovator, you were an inspiration to every musician who ever played in a rock band. We all stand on your shoulders. Thank you Chuck. Hail, Hail Rock and Roll.

Cypress Hill

The world lost another music legend today. Rock & Roll pioneer Chuck Berry has passed away.

The Motels

Here's to a long life in rock 'n' roll. Rest in peace, Chuck.


Chuck Berry merged blues & swing into the phenomenon of early rock’n’roll. In music, he cast one of the longest shadows. Thank You Chuck.


Your Music inspired us to follow our dreams .... RIP Chuck Berry Scorpions

Bottle Rockets

Chuck Berry has passed. We are in Milwaukee trying to keep rock and roll alive tonight. A collective mourning is taking place. Neither of us would be here without him, and we are well aware of that...


RIP Chuck Berry. A true original. A pioneer. A true great.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

RIP the great Chuck Berry...
Singer/songwriter, guitarist, poet.. PIONEER !!
Huge influence on us all...

The Wrecking Crew

Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry has passed away at the age of 90. He was born Charles Edward Anderson Berry October 18, 1926 in St Louis, MO.

We could write pages about him, but we all know the influence he had on so many. It will live on forever. Hail, Hail Rock and Roll!!.

RIP Chuck and thank you.

Great White

Sad to hear of the passing of legendary rocker, #ChuckBerry. Such an inspiration to so many.


Chuck Berry.
A true innovator.


Another huge loss... Rest In Peace, CHUCK BERRY.

Doobie Brothers

Chuck Berry was the father of Rock n' Roll.

We had the privilege of being part of his back up band for a college gig in 1971. He was an influence to us all. He will forever be remembered.

Simple Minds

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN: Chuck Berry - "the father of rock n roll" died last night. I am sure you will already have heard.

I really felt something on hearing the news. As most know, it was Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis that invented a style of music on which our own is still fundamentally based.

It may well seem a long way from some (mostly black) guys in the southern states of America in the late 50's, to 20 years later, and forming bands in the southside of Glasgow. But thanks to the chord structures and punky attitude of the originals, that link is very direct.

They lived their lives performing on the road, moving from town to town, making audiences crazy night after night. Same with us. That was how they "put bread on the table." Same with us. From simple backgrounds, coming from almost next to nothing, working class, before the term had been coined. They knew how to embody the music, stretch their legs, move their hips...and of course go down on their knees before an audience. Complete surrender.

In any case, we would certainly not have had the kind of experiences we've had within our lives, were it not for them. True Masters, they invented the game. They made a sound that in turn made subsequent generations feel ecstatic. I am going to listen to a lot of Chuck Berry today. I am going to listen to Chuck forever in fact.

George Thorogood & the Destroyers

George Thorogood and The Destroyers are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of the great Chuck Berry. Chuck was the Father of Rock-N-Roll, a huge influence on us, and one of the “baddest” of the bad! RIP Chuck!


RIP, real king of rock.

Kentucky Headhunters

RIP Chuck Berry (1926-2017)

Chuck Berry and Johnnie Johnson are now reunited.

Sawyer Brown

“If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’” John Lennon

So sad to hear of the passing of the legendary Chuck Berry. Every time we turn on the radio, we’re walking around in rooms of a house that Chuck Berry built the foundation for. As Chuck sang, “Hail, hail rock and roll”!

G. Love & Special Sauce

Damn sad news we lost a legend today. Rest Easy Chuck Berry we gonna play the blues for you tonight. Thankyou, thankyou so much 🎸🎸🎸

Old 97's

Rest in peace, Chuck. And thanks.

Dead Kennedys

RIP Chuck Berry. He was the true rock and roll pioneer.

Spin Doctors

thank you chuck berry

Vertical Horizon

Game changer. Rest in peace, Chuck Berry.


56dinosaur said...

Obviously, the comments credited to Rick Danko & Rory Gallagher must have been left by those artists' estates.

DrBOP said...

Hey folks, thanks for doing this. The Simmons' vid was great too.....nice and sloppy rock'n'roll version.
Thanks again.
Keep On Chooglin'!

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