Mike Pinera Resurrecting Blues Image For New Album

by VVN Music

In 1966, guitarist Mike Pinera, drummer Manny Bertematti, singer Joe Lala, keyboardist Emilio Garcia and bassist Malcolm Jones joined forces to form the group Blues Image.

The band struggled until they moved to Miami in 1968 and became part of the music scene, helping to open and being the club band at Thee Image. A year later, they moved to Los Angeles, where they signed with Atco Records and released their debut album in 1969. Their second album, Open, included their only major hit, Ride Captain Ride (1970 / #4).

Mike Pinera left Blues Image in the fall of 1969 and joined Iron Butterfly for their album Metamorphosis and staying with the band through 1972 along with additional stints in the late-70's, 80's and 90's. Through the years, Pinera also recorded a number of solo albums.

On March 31, Pinera will resurrect Blues Image for the new album Timeless on Purple Pyramid Records. Included on the release are newly recorded versions of both Blues Images' Ride Captain Ride and Iron Butterfly's In A Gadda Da Vida along with a number of new songs written by Mike.

Joining the band are guests Pat Travers and Jonathan Cain of Journey. The other members of the New Blues Image are Michael Franklin on keyboards, Tim Franklin on bass and Eddie Metz on drums.

The track list:
  • Ride Captain Ride
  • In A Gadda Da Vida
  • Fantasy Of Love
  • Come Back
  • Love Is The Answer
  • Touch My Heart
  • Pay My Dues
  • In The Garden Of Eden
  • Leaving My Troubles Behind
  • Butterfly Bleu
  • Isla
  • Something To Say

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