Listen: Kathy Valentine's Blistering Take On "I Just Want to Make Love to You"

by VVN Music

Four years after her official departure from the Go-Go's, Kathy Valentine has returned with blistering, heavy take on Willie Dixon's I Just Want to Make Love to You.

Valentine became a member of the Go-Go's on New Year's Eve 1980, sitting in for the band's bass player. In short order, she was asked to become a permanent member and, whenever the group was together, she was there until 2012 when she was kept from the band's summer tour by a broken wrist. Then, on March 8, 2013, the band's website announced that she was no longer a member due to "irreconcilable differences".

Kathy has always had other projects on the side and during times when the Go-Go's were broken up. From 1992 to 1994 she was in the BlueBonnets and, from 1995 to 2002, in The Delphines.

On Tuesday (March 28), Kathy released a brand new track, of which she said:

Hi gang! Sorry to be off FB so much! Here's a new song, the March release for my Song-A-Month project, to tide y'all over til I get back to posting as usual. Hope you enjoy--i't s cover of Willie Dixon's I Just Wanna Make Love To You --the first also, of an entire record I will make of re-visited, new versions of blues songs that I always loved. When I was a teenager, it was Foghat's version of this song that I heard first! So that influenced my cover, although quite a few other influences are evident. I played all the instruments except drums and recorded it at my old studio the Bassmint. I just never finished it until a week or so ago! xxKV

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Ardy said...

Very nice! Good luck to her!

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