Jimmy Buffett Opening Margaritaville Retirement Homes (and We're Not Making This Up)

by VVN Music

Sometimes, we receive a piece of news, on a day other than April 1, and we do a double take thinking that it might just be something from The Onion.

So it went today when we read that Jimmy Buffett was opening a new series of retirement homes under the Margaritaville name.

Now, it is true that some Parrotheads are hitting retirement age, but it is quite a leap from bars and restaurants to retirement communities, yet it appears to be true as Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach, FL is now taking requests from those interested at their official website.

Inspired by the legendary music and lifestyle of singer, songwriter and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett, your new home in paradise features exciting recreation, unmatched dining and FINtastic nightlife. With Minto’s 60 years of experience developing award-winning, master-planned communities and building quality homes for over 80,000 families, innovative new homes are a given.

For those starting to budget for the move, the first model homes won't be available until early 2018 and a new home in the community will set you back, at a minimum, $200,000.

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