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James DeBarge Continues to Insist He Has a Daughter With Janet Jackson Even After Failed DNA Test

by VVN Music

Last year, James DeBarge said that he and ex-wife Janet Jackson had a daughter somewhere in the world.

The revelation came after a woman contacted James and said that she was their child. DeBarge had, for years, suspected that Jackson was pregnant when they broke up and had given the child up to adoption but he never revealed it to the public. Jackson has never acknowledged having a child previous to her baby that was recently born.

The woman in question, Tiffany Whyte, 31, has claimed she is that child and, according to Radar Online, had previously taken a test comparing her DNA to that of James' mother, Etterlene DeBarge which the parties claimed was a match.

Since then, a second test was done between James' DNA and Tiffany's and experts have concluded that there is NO match and that James could not be her father.

DeBarge has claimed, though, that he is not giving up, saying that he remains convinced a child is out there somewhere. "I was a young boy who loved a girl tremendously and things happened how they did. Janet and I were real close, but I guess not as close as I thought."

James was one of the siblings that made up the R&B group DeBarge, joining in 1982 before they recorded their second album. The group scored six top ten R&B tracks including All This Love (1983 / #17 Pop / #5 R&B / #1 Adult Contemporary), Rhythm of the Night (1985 / #3 Pop / #1 R&B / #1 AC) and Who's Holding Donna Now (1985 / #6 Pop / #2 R&B / #1 AC).

In 1984, DeBarge and Jackson were married but the union was annulled the next year.