Chicago's Robert Lamm Releasing Solo Collection

by VVN Music

Robert Lamm, who has been a member of Chicago since 1967, has also had a successful solo career on the side that has produced twelve albums.

On June 2, Omnivore will release the album Time Chill: A Retrospective which collects fifteen songs that hail from solo albums Robert has been producing since 1999. Included are tracks from his collaboration with Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys and Gerry Beckley of America; previously unissued remixes by longtime Lamm producer John Van Eps (including a take on Chicago’s Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?); and a previously unreleased version of Bobby Hebb’s classic Sunny.

Lamm wrote in the liner notes "Musicians tend to listen to all types of music. It’s the way we are wired. Often we are hearing music internally. That’s always been my experience. I observe, I read, I have interests in cinema, painting, sculpture, fashion, and performance. Those communications are what inspire me to compose music. These songs are an emotional and reactive narrative of my life, my love." 

With track-by-track liners from Lamm, Time Chill, A Retrospective is the perfect primer for an upfront and personal look at the music of Robert Lamm.
  • 4 Bells (from Living Proof, 2012)
  • Angels Fly (JVE Remix) (Previously unreleased)
  • Sing To Me Lady (from Skinny Boy 2.0, 2006)
  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (JVE Remix) (Previously unreleased)
  • Sleeping In The Middle Of The Bed (from In My Head, 1999 / Too Many Voices, 2004)
  • Send Rain (from The Bossa Project, 2008)
  • Everyday, It’s Always Something (from Subtlety & Passion, 2003)
  • Out Of The Blue (from Living Proof, 2012)
  • Sunny (Previously unreleased)
  • Samba In Your Life (JVE Remix) (from The Bossa Project, 2008)
  • You’re My Sunshine Everyday (JVE Remix) (from Subtlety & Passion, 2003)
  • Standing At Your Door (by the trio Beckley-Lamm-Wilson) (from In My Head, 1999 / Too Many Voices, 2004)
  • It’s A Groove, This Life (Jve Remix) (from Subtlety & Passion, 2003)
  • You Never Know The Story (from Subtlety & Passion, 2003)
  • Will People Ever Change? (from In My Head, 1999 / Too Many Voices, 2004)
Robert Lamm is a member of both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

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Astronomi said...

Aww i would like to see more chicago's Robert Lamm.

He has great sense of making mind music

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