ZP Theart Made Permanent Lead Singer of Skid Row

by VVN Music

Singer ZP Theart now has a steady job as Skid Row has made him a permanent member of the band.

Skid Row has had a number of singers fronting the band over the years. Matt Fallon was the original frontman (1986 to 1987) followed by probably their most famous singer, Sebastian Bach (1987 to 1996). Bach was followed by Shawn Mars (1997 to 1998), Johnny Solinger (1999 to 2015), Tony Harnell (2015) and Theart who has been guesting on their tours over the last year.

Zeart, 41, is originally from South Africa and fronted the British power metal band DragonForce from 1999 to 2010. He went on to form his own group, I Am I, before joining up with Skid Row on February 13, 2016.

The band said "It's official! After touring with the band for the past year, ZP Theart has been named the new lead singer for Skid Row."

Theart has already entered the studio where the band is recording the final part of their United World Rebellion trilogy.

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