Thor Harris, Former Member of Swans, Twitterbanned For Telling "How to Punch a Nazi"

by VVN Music

Even Twitter has a limit in what you can say and do on the site.

Earlier this week, Thor Harris, a member of Swans from 2010 to 2016, had his Twitter privileges pulled after posting a thirty-second video teaching "how to punch a Nazi...or any member of the Republican Party".

Harris has since had his privileges restored, which he announced with the word "Resist !"  Harris uses Twitter on the account @thorharris666.

Amazingly, the experimental group Xiu Xiu has been able to post the original video and have not had it taken down (as of this writing).

Harris, 52, has performed with numerous artists over the years including Lisa Germano, Devendra Barnhart and Amanda Palmer. He has been part of Swans critical comeback in the last few years on the albums My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky, The Seer, To Be Kind and The Glowing Man.

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