The VVN Music Podcast With Guitarist Punky Meadows, Formerly of Angel

by VVN Music

This week's guest on the VVN Music Podcast is guitarist Punky Meadows.

Meadows got his start in bands around the Washington, DC area with local bands the Intruders and the English Settlers who eventually became known as The Cherry People. That band found regional success with the single And Suddenly and their self titled album.

In 1972, Meadows left the group to form Daddy Warbux who eventually became known as just Bux. They recorded one album in 1973 but it wasn't released until 1976 after Punky's next band broke.

By the middle of the 70's, Meadows had moved on to the new band Angel who were heard by KISS' Gene Simmons in a club. Through his recommendation, the band was signed to Casablanca Records where they released six albums over six years but, when the record company folded, so did the band and Meadows decided he had enough of the music business, a hiatus that would last almost three decades.

In 2015, Punky returned to the studio with a new batch of songs and recorded what would be his debut solo album, Fallen Angel (2016). Now, he and his band are getting ready for a new tour in support of the album.

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