Rick Derringer Has Plead Guilty to Bringing a Loaded Gun on a Plane

by VVN Music

Veteran rocker Rick Derringer will only receive a $1,000 fine for carrying a handgun on a commercial air flight.

Earlier this month, Derringer was arrested while coming off a flight from Mexico to Atlanta when it was found that he was carrying a Kel-Tec pistol with six rounds of ammunition in his bag.

What made the arrest even stranger was that Derringer said he had probably flown thirty to fifty times per year and had carried the gun onto each flight. Rick believed that, since he had a concealed carry permit, that he was allowed to have it on the plane.

Authorities were only able to confirm one previous incident on January 5 when Derringer brought the gun through the security screening at the Sarasota, FL airport followed by flights to Atlanta and Cancun. The screener from that incident was let go.

Derringer's manager, Kenn Moutenot, said "It was just a mistake, a simple human mistake."

Rick Derringer sang lead on the McCoys' 1965 hit Hang on Sloopy before going on to a career that included his own hits (Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo) and work with numerous other artists including Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Steely Dan and Weird Al Yankovic.

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