How k.d. lang Received a Writing Credit on a Rolling Stones Song

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

k.d. lang will celebrate the 25th anniversary of her international hit album Ingénue with the Ingénue Redux Tour in Australia in July and one of the songs on that album inspired a Rolling Stones song.

Ingénue reached number 3 on the Australian chart in 1992. In the USA, it sold over two million copies. Constant Craving, the last song on the Ingénue album was the hit.

In 1997 The Rolling Stones added a credit to k.d. lang on their song Anybody Seen My Baby after Keith Richards’ daughter Angela informed her father that he may have unintentionally styled his song on the k.d. lang classic.

In his book Life, Keith Richards wrote, “My daughter Angela and her friend were at Redlands and I was playing the record and they start singing this totally different song over it. They were hearing K.D. Lang’s Constant Craving. It was Angela and her friend that copped it.”

The Stones gave k.d. a co-credit to avoid a lawsuit. k.d. later said that she was “completely honored and flattered”.

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