Documentary on Eric Clapton Being Made With Full Cooperation From the Guitarist

by VVN Music

The Oscar winning producers Lili Fini Zanuck (Driving Miss Daisy) and John Battsek (Looking for Sugarman) are joining forces to tell the story of Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars will not only detail the many musical milestones but also the many ups and downs of his personal life.

Zanuck said "Clapton’s music is the foundation of our film. His commitment to the blues, its traditions and originators, is absolute from his earliest days. He was also forever restless in his search of a suitable vehicle to shape and grow his artistic voice, often bewildering fans and the media with sudden changes in musical direction, bands, songs, guitar style, tone and physical appearance.

"It is indeed a melancholic victory lap, full of nostalgic myth, but always musically potent, always looking to the future. Despite the fact that his path is strewn with tragedies, addiction and loss, he never fails to regain his bearings and continue to serve what he holds dearest: his music."

Battsek talked about how Clapton, himself, will add to the authenticity of the film. "We have unique access to Clapton’s extensive personal archive of classic performance clips, on- and off-stage footage, iconic photos, concert posters, handwritten letters, drawings and personal diary entries — elements with the power to transport audiences to each era, from obsessive student, to peer, to transcendent figure in musical history and one of the greatest guitarists of all time."

Variety reports that Zanuck will be directing with Chris King editing.

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paul myers said...

He was always restless for sure. Maybe not the greatest guitarists ever, but certainly one of the most influential. Well written article

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