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David Cassidy Performance Video Shows Him Slurring Speech, Forgetting Words

by VVN Music

Well, it certainly looks like David Cassidy is drinking once again.

The singer, who has had a long, hard battle with alcohol, had announced that he was retiring from the stage later this year and, on Saturday night, played one of his last scheduled shows at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA.

Unfortunately, numerous videos that have emerged from the date show Cassidy forgetting the words to songs, severely slurring his words, insulting the crowd and, at one point, falling over a monitor.

According to TMZ, Cassidy also told the crowd that Sunday's show at the Santa Barbara Performing Arts Center was going to be his last due to health reasons. That statement will come as a surprise to those who have tickets for his March 3 show in Greenwich, RI, March 4 at B.B. Kings in New York and June 11 date in Mentor, OH. All still remain on his website.

Here are a couple of videos from the evening: