Watch: The New Video For George Harrison's "What is Life"

by VVN Music

For about half the population, music videos are a natural part of the listening experience. If there is a new song released, there will almost surely be a music video to go along.

That wasn't the case 46 years ago when George Harrison released his joyous What is Life from the album All Things Must Pass. While there had been occasional filmed videos for songs all the way back to the 1930's, there are only a few examples of promo videos from the early-70's.

So, when the creators of the new box set of Harrison's albums were looking for ways to promote the release, they decided it was time for What is Life to have its own accompanying video. Here, a woman dances through the streets and countryside until she meets another dancer in the woods because, as Harrison sings "What is life...without you by my side?"

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JR said...

Puts a whole new spin on the song. Great Dancer & scenery. George lives on in our Hearts and in His Songs!

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