Vintage Video: Pat Boone Sings "Bernardine"

by VVN Music

Sixty years ago today, January 5, 1957, Pat Boone began shooting the movie Bernardine.

Based on a 1952 play by Mary Coyle Chase, who also wrote Harvey, the film starred Boone, Terry Moore, Janet Gaynor (her first role in nineteen years), Dean Jagger and Dick Sargent who went on to be Darrin number 2 on Bewitched.

Originally meant to star Robert Wagner, the studio changed to Boone when he became the biggest music star in the U.S. except for Elvis Presley.

The film included two songs that became hits for Boone, Love Letters in the Sand (1957 / #1) and the flip side, Bernardine (1957 / #14).

Here's Boone singing the song in the film an an unidentified TV appearance:

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