The Buzzcocks to Release Debut CD, Early Demos in Box Set

by VVN Music

The early days of the Buzzcocks are being chronicled in a brand new box set, Buzzcocks MK.1.

Out on March 10, the box set will include:

  • Spiral Scratch 7" (Standard Edition) Vinyl, CD
  • Time's Up Heavyweight 12" Vinyl, CD
  • Download Card with audio for Spiral Scratch & Time's Up plus bonus Breakdown video download (live from Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester)
  • Shy Talk Fanzine No.4 featuring contributions from (ex-manager) Richard Boon, (sleeve designer) Malcolm Garrett, (photographer) Kevin Cummins, (author) Clinton Heylin and (Manchester punk icon) Denise Shaw
  • Buzzcocks Chronology (1976-77) A4 Booklet
  • A print of the original Spiral Scratch Recording Tape Box
  • Postcard Flyers (7)
  • Photo Prints (5)
  • Pin Badges (3)
  • Posters (2)

    The Buzzcocks formed in 1976 and recorded their first demos at Stockport's Revolution Studio. Singer Howard Devoto kept recordings of the session which is included on the brand new Time's Up collection.

    The next year, they released their debut EP, Spiral Scratch, which is credited with being the first self-released punk record in the U.K. and only the third release by a British punk band after The Damned's New Rose and the Sex Pistol's Anarchy in the U.K.

    The track lists:

    1. Time's Up
    • You Tear Me Up
    • Breakdown
    • Friends Of Mine
    • Orgasm Addict
    • Boredom
    • Times Up
    • Lester Sands (Drop In The Ocean)
    • Love Battery
    • I Can’t Control Myself
    • I Love You, You Big Dummy
    • Don’t Mess Me Around
    1. Spiral Scratch
    • Breakdown
    • Time’s Up
    • Boredom
    • Friends Of Mine

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