Sleater-Kinney Releasing New Live Album

by VVN Music

Sleater-Kinney is going somewhere they haven't been in their 22 year career, a live album.

Long known for their live shows, the trio of Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss have finally committed one of their shows to tape. The March 20, 2015 show at La Cigale in Paris also includes touring member Katie Harkin.

The band was touring in support of their 2015 album No Cities to Love and included four songs from the album (Price Tag, Surface Envy, A New Wave, No Cities to Love) in the set list along with four songs from their previous album, The Woods (2005).

Sleater-Kinney in Paris will be released on January 27 on CD, vinyl LP and via download.

The track list:
  • Price Tag (from No Cities to Love, 2015)
  • Oh! (from One Beat, 2002)
  • What's Mine Is Yours (from The Woods, 2005)
  • A New Wave (from No Cities to Love, 2015)
  • Start Together (from The Hot Rock, 1999)
  • No Cities to Love (from No Cities to Love, 2015)
  • Surface Envy (from No Cities to Love, 2015)
  • I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (from Call the Doctor, 1996)
  • Turn It On (from Dig Me Out, 1997)
  • Entertain (from The Woods, 2005)
  • Jumpers (from The Woods, 2005)
  • Dig Me Out (from Dig Me Out, 1997)
  • Modern Girl (from The Woods, 2005)

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